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Eddie Money

I Wanna Go Back (3:53)


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  • Going back to them friendly sunny day's.
  • I would not be who I am if I did not go through what I went through! Soooo! Yes, I love the memories! However, I love were I am now! :-)
  • Spank! Snap! Whoooooooooooo! I love this this tune and talent~! My most favorite over the years. Take me back to High School! First Boyfriend, Magic Mountain trip and everything! The best times!
  • Nice!!!!!!!
  • I didnt realize how good Eddie's music is... & "I wanna go back" is my favorite!!
  • Pfaelzerwald I hate to tell you but your wrong and if you read where it says read more on this page of his bio you will find that he was inseed a police Officer and so were many of his family members.
  • Eddie, I love you! I still feel young when I hear your tune! Take me back! ;-) ...
  • I wanna go back and do it all over double what I did and done!,..Why should I have any regrets,I wanna pile on and have more fun!!!
  • rumor. he was never a cop, just a bad ass singer loved blow.
  • i wanna go back
  • Things wouldn't be the same---but I WANNA GO BACK!!!!
  • Oh gosh! I love this Brian! Thanks for helping me find this once again!
  • Good one
  • Eddie Money und doch keine Kohle
  • Love it.
  • Nice song!!!
  • Der singende Bulle!
  • Some times when this ole' crazy world has me by the short hairs and it doesn't seem as though it is going to let go, I just pull out Eddie's music and say, "Fuck It" After a few of these classic songs, all is right in the world again.
  • i feel the same way tommybutlerjr
  • Flashback! [2]
  • Thought this was a good track from Money, but not his best, still quite catchy with some nice lyrics and saxophone jam here and there which is what I played in high school =)
  • well you can go back but what you're looking for might not be there................
  • NYC COP, gone Singer...PEACE
  • oh yea
  • Ahhh... the Money Man! I've spent many a nights rockin', swayin', and well... you know, to the Money Man! I'm sure glad he decided to take the music road instead of the law enforcement trail. Thanks, Rick!
  • Just once.
  • Just like my last relationship. CAAAAAANT GO BACK I KNOW!!!!!!!! LOVE THE MONEY!!!!
  • good - but not the best . . .
  • Flashback!
  • Ahhh the good old days
  • Great concert,nice guy met with people after the show i was lucky enough to get my picture with him STILL ROCKIN!!
  • things WILL never be the same
  • Good song fom this cute man.
  • I would go back in a New York minute! But life goes on gotta make it yours now ..For whatever it worth..And keep on smiling..Just try to make your life happier and better as time moves along!
  • nice ;)
  • cheesy
  • great song
  • Na I don't wanna go back, I am enjoying my life right now, thank you very much! but awesome tune!
  • I agree with igneousrokker! One of my fave songs of the Moneyman! If we were to go back, it has to be with what we know Now. I do feel OLD....
  • Boy ....! Does THIS one strike the bullseye! Dammer!
  • I want to go back too! Gosh wouldn't it be GREAT if we could? The good ole days....
  • Hey Eddie ! We would all like to go back my friend. These days are not for the faint of heart.But as you say"things will never be the same" !Thanks for the awesome Song Eddie !
  • nostalgia

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