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  • A1000Mistakes

    I love his songs [2]

    August 2013
  • dextercob

    I love his songs

    September 2012
  • zeralus

    oi Ed, what do you think of the REMAINZZZZZ?

    August 2012
  • EndsWithTheSea

    This Jeanette album is truly one hidden gem!

    April 2010
  • BlackCoffeeDuck

    I LOVE Ed

    October 2009
  • velvetsuicide

    Ed = genius!

    May 2009
  • 2cabs2toucan

    Here's an interview with Ed about his plans with the Bad Seeds:

    February 2009
  • princemelon

    There is a free download of a fantastic live version of "eternally yours'' on Laughing Clowns myspace page available via the blog section.

    October 2008
  • tinymotion

    Camooweal, managed to stay in my seat whilst listening to it once! Dangerous to drive to!

    October 2008
  • lhodakblerz

    Rythmn and Lead Icon, whenever I play Pushing Fear obnoxiously loud I don't receive any complaints!

    October 2008
  • princemelon

    The first three volumes of the Ed Kuepper Live bootleg series are now uploaded on Last FM

    August 2008
  • princemelon

    Fans of Ed Kuepper, Laughing Clowns,The Aints and other Ed Kuepper related musical projects should check out the Prince Melon records myspace site for info on forthcoming and rare Ed Kuepper limited edition releases only avaible at shows and online Prince Melon Records A bit of history on Prince Melon. The label was initially started back in 1980 to release the music of Laughing Clowns [Ed's band after the original Saints split] Kuepper had started his musical career forming Fatal Records [with the other members of the original Saints] to release the Saints first single '[I'm ] Stranded' Prince Melon remained active for a few years in the 1980's releasing a number of Clowns records as well as singles by Out of Nowhere [featuring the talents of Peter Walsh from The Apartments] as well as Hugo Klang [featuring Ollie Olsen] Prince Melon Records is now back with an initial release of three limited edition Ed Kuepper Live, 'bootleg' style documents with more to come including a new Ed Kuepper project 'The Ascension Academy' [more on this soon]

    July 2008
  • Roy_Batty

    Best Ed "solo" record for my money is the Aints' Ascension. Beyond that, Honey Steel's Gold and Everybody's Got To are my picks. Character Assassination has some great songs which have become Ed live favourites, but sometimes the "one-paced" acoustic feel puts me off. Aints versions of some of these acoustic numbers are just much more exciting. Electrical Storm and Rooms of the Magnificent have great songs but the trebly 80's production might be a bit distracting on first listen.

    July 2008
  • ewa-emmerich

    I saw him in Pragua, before Nick Cave's show!! He makes amazing music!! :)

    May 2008
  • jenafaly

    Ed doesnt look like that anymore! Is there a more recent photo?

    March 2008
  • brownda7

    very happy to see the way i made you feel number 1 listen this week, way better than highway to hell.

    February 2008
  • morningside24

    Hey guys, I created a group for Ed Kuepper. Join up and show the great man some support!

    January 2008
  • morningside24

    If you're looking for Ed stuff, why not his new album, which was just released? I have been listening to it constantly for the past month or so and I think it's one of his best!

    December 2007
  • redhalo

    I've got Legendary Bully and the 2CD Character Assassination/Death to the howdy-Doody Brigade... great stuff! Need to find more! Recommendations appreciated!

    November 2007
  • brownda7

    Hey Ed Fans. Get to your local shop (Redeye in Sydney) and buy his new album. first new music in 7 years! (Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog) The 2 disc set has a full album of outtakes...awesome. Thanks Ed!

    November 2007
  • gstarrocks

    Hey Ed Kuepper fans - samples of his new stuff is up on his myspace page - give it a listen - Ed's back!!!

    October 2007
  • abstractgreen

    Best album - That is a hard question indeed.But I would probably say Character assassination or Serene Machine.

    September 2007
  • brownda7

    Honey Steels Gold

    August 2007
  • highwayfive

    Hi Have just discovered Ed at the bottom of a box of CD's after I moved house. Its Character Assasination and Death to The Howdy- Doody Brigage and its great. Better than I rememeber. I know I have some s(a)ints somewhere as well. What his best solo LP?

    July 2007
  • 2cabs2toucan

    What would ewe know mate.

    October 2006
  • jenafaly

    yay Ed Kuepper is playing at Katoomba on the 19th March at the Carrington - Get there ye mountain folk.

    March 2006