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  • Avatar for matthewfoster
    I prefer just Echospace myself. They and no one else I know refer to them verbally or in text as "Deepchord presents Echospace." It's just added on for marketing purposes as described below, but that doesn't necessarily make it part of their name does it?
  • Avatar for Mossah
    DeepChord presents Echospace, suggest a correction.
  • Avatar for TriptheLight
    2nd disc field recordings are superb
  • Avatar for Damnated6mil
    So in conclusion, the proper name of this project is indeed Deepchord presents Echospace. Please suggest it as correction.
  • Avatar for boehj
    and: "One funny thing about Deepchord… and maybe this is why it never came up as an option… Steve and I were always a little opposed to calling Echospace “Deepchord presents Echospace”. That was the idea of Modern Love, and it kinda just stuck. We were happy with simply “Echospace”. But Modern Love thought it was important to capitalise on the Deepchord reputation, and we trusted their marketing expertise, and went with “Deepchord presents Echospace”."
  • Avatar for boehj
    "The borderline between Deepchord and Echospace has always been blurry anyway because if the whole “Deepchord presents Echospace” naming. " --
  • Avatar for m1a100
    I prefer to do all the scrobbles as "Deepchord Presents Echospace", even with the albums that is listed as only "Echospace". It's easier to leave them in the same artist :D
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    and i consider the corrections to be used for misspelled artist names. and yes, mayhaps better if both profiles were combined, but i'm not fond of the auto-corrections to just one of the possibilities. happened (as example) for Panasonic / Pan Sonic. they put out official releases under Panasonic but all of those tracks are now auto-corrected to Pan Sonic. i don't particularly fancy that but i understand the difficulties in keeping it separate. either way, i'm satisfied with this profile remaining what it is
  • Avatar for Smirnon
  • Avatar for Damnated6mil
    Even if that was the case (and it isn't, because every site refers to this project as Deepchord Presents Echospace, including their own label and the CD covers), doesn't have multiple profiles for one artist. That is why artist name corrections/redirections where implemented.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    nope. it's another spelling, it's not the only correct moniker for this project
  • Avatar for Damnated6mil
    Please suggest [artist]Deepchord Presents Echospace[/artist] as the correct name.
  • Avatar for Franks_174
    Burnt sage or Burnt sTage ? :)
  • Avatar for Drakemirow
    still drooling over BCN Dub, it's incredible.
  • Avatar for Carbonfucked
    Great stuff. Ништяк!
  • Avatar for doomaddicts
    About time someone brought back the grooves in dub techno. [2] This, nothing wrong with some great atmospheric club tracks every once in a while. Not everything has to be so cold and dark, right?
  • Avatar for q_uiz
    I could listen to BCN Dub all day long.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    yeah, all in all, disc 1 of Liumin has the best tracks, but the 2nd disc is more consistent and overall better.
  • Avatar for reaktionpool
    "Liumin" is by far one of the best albums I bought this year, I hope these guys have something cooking on the burner for 2011.
  • Avatar for KryptoN
    "...field recordings, including paranormal activity..." LOL.
  • Avatar for Damnated6mil
    Second disc of Liumin, with all those field recordings, is simply amazing.
  • Avatar for mdmatechno25
    it's 5 !
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    too bad the rest of the album is so obviously inferior to those two tracks tho. need to check that 2nd disc
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    man the double-whammy of Burnt Sage and BCN Dub is sonic ambrosia
  • Avatar for reaktionpool
  • Avatar for reaktionpool
    I can also appreciate the fact they didn't try and repeat what they'd already done, instead they've defined a mark with a similar attestation to their previous work but in a different sonic realm. I'm often bored by the lack of creativity within this genre, it always seems stuck in mud in it's inability to change, I appreciate artist who require some interpretation and this album certainly does. I still prefer The Coldest Season, it's weightless and something I consider a timeless classic, I'm not so sure Liumin will gain the same accolades as the first album but at least it comes across as conceptually genuine.
  • Avatar for reaktionpool
    It's really grown on me, very different but so good in the right mood, so different from anything I've heard of these guys or Dub Techno in general which is also why I think this album will be viewed as something quite unique but in a very good way. It finally ends the theory that Basic Channel inspired everything in what this genre has to offer, this is EchoSpace!
  • Avatar for bufo_alvarius
    it's not The Coldest Season 2.... just free your mind and let the new sounds act. my first impression was strange, but then later I got amazed...
  • Avatar for dwarvendub
    BCN Dub nuff said
  • Avatar for Arcen
    Shocking Pinks - Dressed to Please (Echospace Reduction) is pure fucking gold!
  • Avatar for napierdalante
    Sonorous (Midst Of Something Beautiful Mix) (9:38) !!!
  • Avatar for lastam
    deeplove feelings
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    it took me way too long to check this out. it's so cash.
  • Avatar for facingeast
    Perfect late night audio material. I love this kind of stuff. Rhythm & Sound and Deadbeat as well.
  • Avatar for bugsonglass
  • Avatar for nastYtribe
    Absolutely stunning
  • Avatar for bufo_alvarius
    This RA Podcast has been archived and is currently not available. :S
  • Avatar for Xelias11
    I love this.
  • Avatar for reaktionpool - New free mix on RA, totally sublime, way to go echospace!
  • Avatar for reaktionpool
    the coldest season - one of the best electronic albums of the decade.
  • Avatar for testspecimen
    absolutely brilliant album in the coldest season.
  • Avatar for Tannyz
    Thanks for the info :)
  • Avatar for AndrewDuke
    some of the questions below answered here plus a dj mix:
  • Avatar for maldinho
    @Tannyz Echospace :-)
  • Avatar for Tannyz
    Please, what's the correct name for this artist: "Echospace" or "DeepChord Presents Echospace", I'm a bit confused :(
  • Avatar for clkmsc
    w/ Vacuos. I tag (at least my electronic stuff) according to Discogs (see link to right). On top of that, the way I tag my music affects myself only, so I won't change my tags simply to align myself with the majority.
  • Avatar for Mr_Unkn0wn
    I discovered them through their first intrusion release and now I am hooked
  • Avatar for dukon
    fx your tags => DeepChord Presents Echospace
  • Avatar for berusplants
  • Avatar for SixShooterSam


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