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  • Avatar for nandosiol
    Really good band
  • Avatar for CCSandman
    Dark Therapy every time.
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    It's Britpop week on BBC 6 radio - check out
  • Avatar for TimaSliwinski
    new -
  • Avatar for pablodiablo67
    Saw them in mid 80s at peak of their success. A much overlooked and underrated band who deserved more
  • Avatar for rirriri
    Echobelly have reformed and announced tour dates! sweet.
  • Avatar for aoslrtm
    Insomniac is best
  • Avatar for murderror
    zeph, that is correct. me too.
  • Avatar for LandCTower
    What a great band! Love them! I wish I could find all of their albums here in the USA.
  • Avatar for charmlessman2d
    Sonya Madan is a goddess. I would marry her if she'd let me!
  • Avatar for OscarDTravis
    I wore the grooves out on their first two albums
  • Avatar for lovelushforever
  • Avatar for mvldk666
    much LOVE to ECHOBELLY
  • Avatar for hoermi21
  • Avatar for MonsieurPoot
    Some news from the front:
  • Avatar for Qicea
    Forgot to mention: no release date as yet available, but I believe the album is finished. Does anyone know anyone else that knows more?
  • Avatar for Qicea
    For those that don't know, "I Seek Identity" is the new album name. It WAS going to be under a new band name of "Calm Of Zero" but they have decided to keep it as Echobelly. There are two song previews available of the website of the produced: Jono Buchanan. Just search Calm of Zero on google. The songs sounds good, particularly Mind Over Matter. I took the liberty of updating Echobelly's Wikipedia page with this information! Hopefully I haven't done anything illegal!
  • Avatar for PleasureVictim1
    So the word is that they're changing their name to Calm of Zero...i hope not!
  • Avatar for Artefatto
  • Avatar for Lord_Krichian
  • Avatar for PleasureVictim1
    I'm really missing them! Hope they release a new album soon.
  • Avatar for becker_90
    Nice band, and it sounds surprisingly similar to Morrissey.
  • Avatar for enfysmwng
    Definitely one of my favourite britpop bands. So very, very good.
  • Avatar for tilleul_finland
    soo 90s
  • Avatar for paperboy
    Echobelly's creative force, Sonya and Glenn, re-unite for an acoustic gig at Moho Live in Manchester, 9 July 2009. See the events page for details.
  • Avatar for RachelAPP
    I've created a Britpop crossword at [url=][/url], check it out and let me know what you think!
  • Avatar for ourmark
    How I found Echobelly: I tagged along with friends to a gig at [url=]Esquires[/url] in Bedford. I thought they were pretty good and then they played [url=]Insomniac[/url] which just blew me away. I've been a fan ever since.
  • Avatar for ApocaLiz
    "Natural Animal" and "Dark Therapy" were among the first songs I listened to in my life, because my sister made a tape for me when I as three years old. Still love them!
  • Avatar for raydl
    great voice of the vocalist
  • Avatar for moon2moon
    shit i feel so old
  • Avatar for theory-of
    Aye, I agree with Lommie. Call Me Names is pretty rad. So are a load of the b-sides off the first album actually.
  • Avatar for Lommie
    Loved them from the off!! Me and my flat mates in Uni back in 95/96 had a cassette I put together with EGO on one side and ON on the other. We played it every day for about six months. We thought Sonya was gorgeous. She still is!! Saw these live many times and they were even better live than on record. Listen to Call Me Names. Clever, powerful stuff!!
  • Avatar for Cristobal91
    Just listened to On for the very first time. Incredibly good, wasn't expecting it to be a sort of all killer no filler album :)
  • Avatar for forjer1885
    good band, britpop at its best!!
  • Avatar for fayeshkadoo
    i don't think i've listened to a song by this band that i didn't like. i love love love them forever. l
  • Avatar for cblue456
    If you like Echobelly (and you must if you're reading this) then you'll love NYC band Kilsy
  • Avatar for martenHH
    Great voice, Love it!
  • Avatar for gurpaldosanjh
    I hope Gravity Pulls isn't the last we hear from them.
  • Avatar for Lushiiamazed
    these guys are awsomee!! never heard of them so i am quite happy ive found a good new band :)
  • Avatar for weheartclover
    oh god I so miss their songs!!!
  • Avatar for mozzmozz
    Echobelly: I can't imagine the world without them.
  • Avatar for ldexterldesign
    like echobelly, don't like raining pleasure afraid.
  • Avatar for potis1980
    Hey guys, if you like Echobelly, then check a band called [artist]Raining Pleasure[/artist]. They are awsome!!! :)
  • Avatar for ppod
    Dark Therapy is the best track they wrote and probably one of my fave songs of all time. Love 'em and miss 'em.
  • Avatar for Indiefan4ever
    Eons ago you played in the Lemon Grove, Exeter, Devon - such a great gig and reminds me of being young!
  • Avatar for PleasureVictim1
    Please give us a new album. I for one truly miss you.
  • Avatar for pushpullpulk
    better than some stuff that came out during 94-97 britpop craze
  • Avatar for cremepuff
    always <3 them. sonya has a great voice and they did a great live show.
  • Avatar for neondiz
    Best of Echobelly: I Can't Imagine The World Without Me was released at the end of 2001.
  • Avatar for ldexterldesign
    thoroughly bloody good listening. still haven't managed that playlist yet. no wonder they don't have a greatest hits lp.


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