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  • Avatar for noblesoldiers
    Я цари царица, я цари цари ца.
  • Avatar for rOOm-on-fire
    Une bonne surprise ce "Behold, A Pale Horse"
  • Avatar for BionicToxic
    I totally love the new album, flawless!
  • Avatar for boiohboi
    new album is amazing! while the people sleep should be a single! love, love, love!
  • Avatar for kotsa200
    dissapointed by the new album, hope she still kills it live.
  • Avatar for UTfratastic
    Really need to see her live.
  • Avatar for diegostrehl
  • Avatar for ZuP101
    Listen to the new album on NPR:
  • Avatar for Pafgadget
    Any album or at least song in production ?
  • Avatar for CookiePolice
    finally something is about to happen:
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    She is gorgeous. Even if you don't like her style, you can see she is a stunningly attractive woman.
  • Avatar for lady_veronicah
    please vote :)!/+images/79682527
  • Avatar for CookiePolice
    new song "mystery babylon balloon" - great as usual!
  • Avatar for diegostrehl
    Really really would love to hear some new stuff from Ebony, she's amazing. [2/
  • Avatar for buntyvsbeano
    Really really would love to hear some new stuff from Ebony, she's amazing.
  • Avatar for CookiePolice
    looking forward for the new album <3 [2]
  • Avatar for joaocaldas
    looking forward for the new album <3
  • Avatar for dumbnoteclectic
    that's such good news, cannot wait \/
  • Avatar for boiohboi
    so I saw her live yesterday and she sang a new song from the forthcoming album! didn't catch the title, but in the lyrics there was something about "desinformation across the nation", if I remember correctly. show was great, I loved every minute of it.
  • Avatar for DCozmonaut
    Love this girl, hope new material coming soon.
  • Avatar for masstsnk
    Sharliza is pretty much as crazy as Ebony Bones!
  • Avatar for Hixi-Ponn
    tired of seeing Gaga's fuckin name on every single shoutbox
  • Avatar for guiilhermee
    as músicas dela me animam \o/
  • Avatar for Julkaa01
    new music pleaaaaseeeee [2]
  • Avatar for dumbnoteclectic
    new music pleaaaaseeeee
  • Avatar for chump86
    cool shit
  • Avatar for inphanta
    Excellent music, she's like the British Santigold. And boy is she beautiful!
  • Avatar for guiilhermee
    The Muzik, Story of St.Ockwell, Don't Fart on My Heart, Guess We'll Always Have NY <3
  • Avatar for dupontflames
  • Avatar for dumbnoteclectic
  • Avatar for summerqa
  • Avatar for blackbirdblues
    I need more music from this woman. STAT!
  • Avatar for Overtaker13
    She's different from Gaga. ._.
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    bluebow = ownage. Anyways, I never heard of her before today, and I already am a fan.
  • Avatar for Julkaa01
    Guess We'll Always Have NY
  • Avatar for Tijnvveen
    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 LOL @ Couleur Cafe hardly anyone seemed to know "Another Brick in the Wall Pt2". Am I getting old?!?! I loved it!
  • Avatar for pablo_cerve
  • Avatar for Feli_
    what now is it with the exclamation mark or without it?
  • Avatar for kotsa200
    hahaha, she started way before lady gaga was lady gaga, you just can't compare the two
  • Avatar for bluebow
    Shes a black Lady gaga a walking advertisement and no soul
  • Avatar for Julkaa01
  • Avatar for RionArap
    fucking rip-off in the new rihanna video !!!
  • Avatar for Overtaker13
    Like a warrior! <3 Love you, Ebony. c:
  • Avatar for stimuli
    this music is SO FUN!
  • Avatar for eleanora_
    I must see her live :D
  • Avatar for TinGirl96
    They go on about Lady Gaga's outfits, but just look at her... she's just as unique but with better music :) She does scare me slightly though.
  • Avatar for ankapogudz
    i agree with "Santigold should be on similar artists!!!! " I like it
  • Avatar for alexpage13th
    Santigold should be on similar artists!!!!
  • Avatar for piyopiyodesu
    she scares me [2]
  • Avatar for xx_las_vegas_xx
    yeah ebony boes...09 auf der lott gesehen, wunderbare band mit toller show!


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