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  • Avatar for hew615
    Man, this is some sick shit
  • Avatar for jkobster
    Reggae Radiohead sounds like the worst idea ever. It works. [3] Exactly! [2] :)
  • Avatar for CTCodemonkey
  • Avatar for ryeno
    Waves of compression and rarification slam into my tampanic membrane vibrating the lever arms of the incus, malleus and stapes turning high amplitude, low power waves into high power low amplitude waves. My oval window starts to vibrate, moving sloshing my endolymph and causing my stereocilia to bend toward their kinocelium. This causes potassium influx and the release of neurotransmitter onto my afferent vesticulocochlear nerve up to my auditory center...and then I hear your music...and it sounds good.
  • Avatar for neriaxa
    Great idea ! nice covers !))
  • Avatar for TheYardstick
    Holy shit this is miles better than Radiohead.
  • Avatar for goga_zr
    crazy :DD
  • Avatar for aarghapanda
    Reggae Radiohead sounds like the worst idea ever. It works.
  • Avatar for carleyad
  • Avatar for stayfreshicelan
    brilliant album
  • Avatar for surround_me
    fuck yeah cat orgy super cool many fun time yeah
  • Avatar for radiorisingsun
    Easy Star All-Stars interview.
  • Avatar for BadKatt
    da Katt aproves! ESA-S are sick
  • Avatar for lotus-kid
    I never thought that radiohead could be transmutated into easy-listening, feeling good, well-being music. =)
  • Avatar for Sameira
    Hey Hey...have you heard? The next album is going to be a Cover of Sgt. Peppers from the Beatles... i interned with them last summer while they did the recordings and it´s going to be sooo cool! The first single with Luciano is going to be released on itunes on February 10th! Check for more informations! Peace
  • Avatar for Manx_Dan
    Love Horace Andy on Electioneering: "It's just cattle-prods and I.M.F" awesome
  • Avatar for kasa408
    LET DOWN thats the best track, i gotta agree with sychotoast
  • Avatar for cha0saintme
    even fitter happier. I had no idea how they were going to pull this off but when I heard it, I felt there couldn't be a more appropriate reggae approach to the track.
  • Avatar for sychotoast
    oh man toots on let down is amazing! personally I like it better than the original
  • Avatar for norabora
    amazingly awesome. great work, and props to Radiohead for making it happen.
  • Avatar for mentalcase83
    unexpectingly good. loving pink floyd covers, too.
  • Avatar for hitchcockm00
    Only on Paranoid Android but I think Dub Side of the Moon was miles better than this.
  • Avatar for sardaukar_siet
    mad props
  • Avatar for senhorlampada
    These guys are great! I recommend 'Dub side of the moon' I wanna show it to some hardcore Pink Floyd fans :D
  • Avatar for Spcmonky
    1st listen to this.. love it.
  • Avatar for oplesrope
    the version of 'Let Down' is sooo good.
  • Avatar for warrenwheel
    agree with monkey...not much of a reggae/dub fan in general but big radiohead fan...i really like these remixes though...
  • Avatar for tunebug
    yeah. the whole album is wicked. been meaning to check it out for ages having read great reviews and i'm glad i did.
  • Avatar for tunebug
    wow. this is fantastic. airbag is amazing.
  • Avatar for aqa63336
    paranoid android and karma police are just amazing. really, quite incredible.
  • Avatar for snosage
    Positive vibrations
  • Avatar for rwa66
    I do play it even more then OK Computer lately :D
  • Avatar for monkeymike_
    I was a bit dubious about this, being a radiohead fan, but its actually very good

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