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  • Avatar for vsslx
    da uma vontade de dançar
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    The foundation.
  • Avatar for GuyBerryManOff
    A great source of inspiration
  • Avatar for funkysat
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    R.I.P. Maurice. The greats just keep leaving us. :<
  • Avatar for nolteCOD
    RIP man :(
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    RIP Maurice
  • Avatar for Red-Drallek
    RIP Maurice White. Creator of the best band of all time. One of the leading lights in mixing jazz with Funk and soul, As has been said, your music will live on forever.
  • Avatar for ChAelitaNicole
    Maurice, we be are the great voice, RIP
  • Avatar for ASummerKiss
    RIP Maurice...
  • Avatar for frince69
    RIP shining star
  • Avatar for LcdCyn
    Maurice, rest In peace
  • Avatar for mcbirdo
    #eargasmic for all time and in every dimension
  • Avatar for AntBeeMomofuku
    R.I.P. Maurice White. Thank you for the wonderful music that provided my sisters, cousins and me, with countless hours of fun, singing...erm... murdering your songs on road trips and in front of mirrors with, gasp!, an actual microphone. Your music will live on for the ages, just as you intended.
  • Avatar for scarletflower-
    Rest in peace, Mr. White. [2]
  • Avatar for jrs1991
  • Avatar for richardneal
    R.I.P. You will shine on. Thank you for your music and your vision.
  • Avatar for Maniooo
    R.I.P. Maurice!
  • Avatar for KeithJones
    RIP founder Maurice White
  • Avatar for Lipehlol
    R.I.P =(
  • Avatar for tsukuo
    R.I.P. Maurice White
  • Avatar for City_rockers
    R.I.P. Maurice White :(
  • Avatar for neovant
    You will find peace of mind If you look way down in your heart and soul Don't hesitate 'cause the world seems cold Stay young at heart 'cause you're never (never, never, ..) old at heart That's the way of the world .. Rip Maurice White
  • Avatar for CharCustom
    Rest in peace, Mr. White.
  • Avatar for selphie13
    R.I.P. Maurice White [2]
  • Avatar for SFlemming
    Fly away and embrace your rest Maurice. You earned it ...
  • Avatar for direwolves
    rip maurice. thanks for the jams.
  • Avatar for RiskGrave
    Rest easy, Maurice. My only solace is that his suffering is at an end now. Since the end of December last year it seems my playlists have been nothing but mourning the lost legends of music. The Grim Reaper needs to take a long ass holiday.
  • Avatar for imx4n
    Damn... Sad news. Rest in peace Maurice White.
  • Avatar for CYIDOfficial
    R.I.P. Maurice White
  • Avatar for eastcoastgirl4e
    R.I.P. Maurice White
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    R.I.P. Maurice White. This is becoming the worst year for the music community, and it's only February. :(
  • Avatar for joaovitorsoares
    R.I.P. Maurice White
  • Avatar for WadeSimMiser5
    R.I.P. Maurice White
  • Avatar for Dnlphnv
    September <3
  • Avatar for Orkan60
    September My Favorite Disco Songs Of All Time
  • Avatar for Orkan60
    Pure Disco-----Share the spice of life------Let this groove get you to move----------
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    Where is water
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Love it
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Love it
  • Avatar for Whiskerss
    Does anyone know which album except for Love Songs starts with a song After The Love Has Gone? Is there one like that at all?
  • Avatar for Orkan60
    Ba du-da, ba du-da, ba du-da, ba-du Ba du-da, ba-du, ba du-da, ba-du Ba du-da, ba-du, ba du-da, yeah
  • Avatar for tigerwolf1
    Let's Groove!
  • Avatar for Orkan60
    Pure DISCO Are Y.. F.. OLD E.... T... Re....
  • Avatar for soleastbetty
    One of the great bands of all time.
  • Avatar for Lidiss1995
    September ♥
  • Avatar for alexandroqq
    Fantasy <3
  • Avatar for Filipizinho
  • Avatar for juliendu48
    September >3
  • Avatar for Alin_
    Wonderful band. (2)


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