• Earl Gray @ The Wesley Anne

    6 Jul 2007, 08:05 by ChrisChinchilla

    The Wesley Anne is a warm, snugly kind of place this evening, reminiscent of old European style pubs and bars with a roaring fire, long sofa benches full of the chattering classes sipping red wine, cosy and familiar smells wafting throughout the venue lulling everyone into a sedate sense of security on this bitter winter’s evening. So how does a relatively inventive and upbeat artist such as Earl Gray chip into such a crowd when they all seem happy and reluctant to experience any intrusions? His Pop / R&B / Hip-Hop / Folk hybrid is familiar yet challenging, full of commercial potential unyet equally at home in a small pub back room. Tonight’s set is a solo one, the band has been left at home, with an acoustic guitar providing accompaniment, a quiet and restrained intro to The Earl’s new material, reinforcing the laid back and lethargic feeling of the evening. Earl Gray adopts an equally non-confrontational attitude, gently progressing through a short set of mellow songs, resplendent in a hoodie…