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    Jack Tempchin wrote this one night when he got stranded at a club - the girl wouldn't take him home. Here's the full story:
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    A great track from a great album.
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    This takes me back...this song says it all.
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    So cool.
  • Avatar for pjbird
    Top drawer stuff
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    bernie leadon on lead guitar
  • Avatar for stardust-01
    Great Eagles track..//
  • Avatar for rick48590
    Love it! :)
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    ja ...sehr schön ted....höre gern mal solche tollen Oldies....yäh ,,.-.,.-.
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    a staple band
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    Sooo good.
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    Not every song has to pound out it's message. Though I enjoy those also.
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    Mellow sounds from the Eagles Always!
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    Such a good song.
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    Classic and timeless song
  • Avatar for srdjstuka
    Back when The Eagles had a soul.
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    Thats more like it :-DD
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    They are good Lora.
  • Avatar for eyaj
    and I found out a long time ago....
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    It still so cool.
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    Just love it, so cool.
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    this song is good without the guitars and every thihg else
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    @steven777777 - women do nothing to the sole of your shoe unless you step on them! They will however do some major damage to your heart and soul.
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    When I perfect my time machine I am going back to join The Eagles.
  • Avatar for ScottPierson
    If this isn't my favorite Eagles song... it's close. Peacefully beautiful.
  • Avatar for supermediadave
    Wish I was there again.
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    Love the Eagles and this song a lot.
  • Avatar for vspeedoflight
    ቁ *.* ୧*.* 水 *.* 水 *.* ቁ *.*୧*.* 水 *.* 水 代 ♥ 代 *.* া *.* স *.* 代 ♥ 代 *.* া *.* স
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    Great song! Somehow I always forget about this one until I hear it!
  • Avatar for Stephen777777
    and your wallet
  • Avatar for supersteveme
    also your heel
  • Avatar for Stephen777777
    what a woman can do to your sole!
  • Avatar for paradrome
    Rock on...!!!! <33333
  • Avatar for abunono
    Tolle Musik,aber wahnsinnig häßliche Typen!
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    nice song
  • Avatar for harlybudman5412
    this goes back so many years 4 me
  • Avatar for gilliananne
    This is the very best!
  • Avatar for gilliananne
    enough to make me want to get my ears pierced. Well, almost. Sleeping in the desert sounds nice!
  • Avatar for Miss_Calvero
    ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for hollyheer
    I love this song....
  • Avatar for Lucylloyd
    The apogee of bland. The musicainship in the Eagles is phenomenal, yet they all too readily served up lazy reheated country and western like this, awash with sentiment and nostalgia. The lyrics groan with cliche.
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    Old one but a good one...real good one !


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