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Added by TMVATDI on 15 Nov 2005
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  • saltynutz4u

    I Believe that the Eagles were/are the greatest bunch of musician/songwriters to ever make the greatest consistent high quality music we were ever lucky enough to have been alive to hear and see..I know that trhat tjhe Beatles and Presley were the ones that by their sheer talent and"inventive.."nature" were the guy that did it first and best- nobody could- in my opinion..match the Eagles for some of he bast music ever to be played and recorded...Now I know , the Black Blues guys were a big part the Way Elvis would project his great voice and ass shaking ways..And Like B B King often says Elvis made it possible for the Grea'ts like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino and the many other black singers and acts to be heard and seen by white kids who would later take those magic times from the 50's and reinvent it for the 60's and 70's primarily English goups to put their magical touch on. a new sound that was really a new rockabilly and blues sound for te next 30 years

    23 Dec 2009 Reply