• Album rant: Eagles of Death Metal - Death by Sexy

    14 Jun 2006, 11:35 by HeftyFine

    Eagles of Death Metal-Death by Sexy

    1.I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
    This song is the perfect way to introduce the Eagles imo. Hilarious lyrics and an insanely good driving sound mixed with high pitched Elvis like vocals. The rferain is catchy as hell and the ending is perfect with a sick guitar and cool drums. 10/10

    2.I Got a Feeling (Just Nineteen)
    Not so fast but more of a heavy sound which is pretty cool. Awesome old school Rock sound here. I really dig the guitars here. The Michael Jackson like "Whoo-Uh's" are brilliant (which they add a lot to their songs). Pretty damn good track. 9/10

    3.Cherry Cola
    An almost grundge like riff here which sounds pretty cool. There's almost a little guitar solo bit at the beginning and I quite love the cratchy refrain. Pretty good track. 8/10

    4.I Like To Move In The Night
    Starts with some drums and cool guitar part. The lyrics are awesome again. Well, it's either you love those hilarious lyrics or you hate him, I don't tihkn there's a middle, hehe. …