• Октябрь 2008

    3 Oct 2008, 16:53 by deFreeze

    20 - 26 октября

    Неделя протекает незаметно, я очень читаю шарп и сильверлайт, есть мнение что лучше пока связаться с Андреем. В ночь с воскресения на понедельник Олень устроил небольшой скандальчик, а утром прибыл в гости. Четверг - один из последних разов в Евразии. Вкусно, но, блин, мало. Экономят на рисе.
    Кайзер Чифс играют очень весело и мне это нравится. Добавил еще один летний альбомчик The Red Album. А так же французов The Trap. Прекрасно.
    Песня недели: You Want History
    Тег недели: Silverlight

    13 - 19 октября

    С понедельника вернулись родители, жизнь втекает в обычное холостяцкое русло. Россия обыгрывает Финляндию 3:0. На нас надвигается кризис. И на весь остальной мир впрочем тоже. Читаю книжки, хожу на пары. Жермаль где-то что-то делает. Возможно, снимает.
    Четверг-пятница-суббота пошли в жертву программированию. Си шарп еще раз, ассемблер - тихий ужас. На выходных родители уезжали на дачу. Вспоминал каков на вкус чилийский совиньон и рассказывал Оле про различные числовые форматы.
  • My new Muxtape

    2 Jul 2008, 16:53 by red157

    A few months back, for a thread on's forums, I created a muxtape located here -
    It contained some of my favourite stuff, including old blues (Leadbelly)and punk (The Stooges)as well as some later stuff. Well I've decided to change it as I've partook in a new forum muxtape thingy. This time it's over at, in the modern rock section. So modern rock? I decided instead to focus on bands connected to the palm desert scene, whilst trying my hardest not to focus it too much on (Only a couple of bands in the muxtape can be labelled that, on reflection). So here's my new muxtape playlist...

    1) Kyuss - 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) Included for arguably inventing .

    2) Mad Season - Long Gone Day Added as this specific track has multiple members of the Screaming Trees, who I didn't actually include as a band.

    3) The Gun Club - Carry Home Erm... included because Mark Lanegan covered it? (Actual reason - leftover from previous muxtape incarnation…
  • Rock im Park 2008, Nürnberg

    9 Jun 2008, 20:32 by latte77

    Fri 6 Jun – Rock im Park

    6th June 2008 - Hals und Beinbruch Tour 2008

    After a hard night on the campground my friend Birne and went to the Clubstage to watch Turisas. For me this band plays to much finish folk music, but the Clubstage was filled.

    After Turisas we went to the famous
    Lostprophets which I think played a pretty good show. I missed something new, but they played some old tracks like We Still Kill the Old Way or Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja and some tracks from their latest record Liberation Transmission.

    The next band I saw where the Eagles of Death Metal. I really love their rock. They played all my favourites like Don't Speak (I Came to Make a BANG!) and Cherry Cola.

    After the Eagles of Death Metal we went from the Alternastage to the Center Stage, where the Sportfreunde Stiller already started to play their soccer rock. I really think that they have some great song, but I really missed some songs on the Rock im Park gig.

  • mixtape aberta para uma amiga

    8 Mar 2008, 02:39 by bereteando

    ela gosta de / e queria minhas sugestões de novas bandas e sons. houve isso. 74'10.

    01 Shellac - Be Prepared
    gênero: alt/
    status: alive and kicking
    álbuns: 4
    resultados no google: 379.000
    o quê?: power trio, rock cru, mudanças de andamento malucas, um pouco de noise; banda de Steve Albini, lendário produtor da SubPop, Nirvana etc.
    highlights: a faixa é showcase: veloz, direta, espaçada, melodiosa, atmosférica - tudo em um. toca no Brasil esse mês!

    02 June of 44 - Cardiac Atlas
    gênero: alt/math rock
    status: dead as a doornail
    álbuns.eps: 6.2
    resultados no google: 45.800
    o quê?: banda seminal do rock alternativo. visitou gêneros diversos mantendo canções sempre de alguma complexidade, seja em quase-punks diretos, composições longas ou baladas.
    highlights: as guitarras geniais, o violino (que é rara, raramente bem colocado) e o vocal desencontrado, e sobre eles uma harmonia cativante e relax

    03 Cave In - Stained Silver
  • Águilas sobre Madrid

    26 Feb 2007, 10:00 by scariwo

    Sat 24 Feb – Eagles of Death Metal

    El sábado los Eagles of Death Metal ofrecieron un fantástico concierto en Madrid, en la sala Heineken. A pesar de ser conocidos por ser uno más de los múltiples proyectos paralelos del líder de los Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme, éste no ha formado parte de la gira europea de la banda, cayendo todo el peso de la banda sobre Jesse Hughes, cantante y guitarrista.

    Le acompañaban Dave Catching, guitarrista conocido por sus colaboraciones en las Desert Sessions, un par de discos de Mark Lanegan, los Mondo Generator de Nick Oliveri, además de tocar en varios discos de QOTSA; el bajista Brian "Big Hands" O'Connor, que hace honor a su apodo; y a la batería Gene Trautmann, conocido de Homme desde los tiempos de Kyuss, cuando fue a hacer las pruebas para sustituir a Brant Bjork, aunque finalmente fuera Alfredo Hernández el elegido para la banda, y que posteriormente fue llamado de nuevo por Homme para tocar en algunos temas del Rated R de QOTSA…
  • My weekly toplist!

    25 Sep 2006, 19:36 by bckman

    1 Eagles of Death Metal84
    Listen very much on EODM at the time, there newest album Death By Sexy is very great. The song Cherry Cola is one of the best song on the album. Have listen on some tracks from the Peace Love Death Metal as well.

    2 DVDA 40
    Watched the film Baseketball with Trey Parker and Matt Stone a couple o' days ago. And wanted the song that was playd in the car, and got it! And realized that Tery Parker and Matt Stone has a band called DVDA (Double Vaginal, Double Anal), and I download some of the songs from the movie Team America and listen to them to. On my computer America, Fuck Yeah was tagged with artist Team America: World Police.

    3. The Killers39
    The Killers are one of the best band of the decade. There new song When You Were Young is amazing, can't wait to buy the new album. Though Hot Fuss ]Hot Fuss is great. And I'll be happy as long that I can listen to that album.

    4. Audioslave31
    I've listen much on two songs from the new album Revelations…
  • Songs I'm big on right now

    1 Sep 2006, 00:00 by Nick_D

  • Album rant: Eagles of Death Metal - Death by Sexy

    14 Jun 2006, 11:35 by HeftyFine

    Eagles of Death Metal-Death by Sexy

    1.I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
    This song is the perfect way to introduce the Eagles imo. Hilarious lyrics and an insanely good driving sound mixed with high pitched Elvis like vocals. The rferain is catchy as hell and the ending is perfect with a sick guitar and cool drums. 10/10

    2.I Got a Feeling (Just Nineteen)
    Not so fast but more of a heavy sound which is pretty cool. Awesome old school Rock sound here. I really dig the guitars here. The Michael Jackson like "Whoo-Uh's" are brilliant (which they add a lot to their songs). Pretty damn good track. 9/10

    3.Cherry Cola
    An almost grundge like riff here which sounds pretty cool. There's almost a little guitar solo bit at the beginning and I quite love the cratchy refrain. Pretty good track. 8/10

    4.I Like To Move In The Night
    Starts with some drums and cool guitar part. The lyrics are awesome again. Well, it's either you love those hilarious lyrics or you hate him, I don't tihkn there's a middle, hehe. …