• Fun @ Last.FM, or Songs of American Places

    24 Oct 2006, 21:07 by torbjorgsj

    First a funny tag:

    Songs named by American states/cities:

    Sufjan Stevens: Chicago
    Matson Jones: New York City Fuck Off
    Tapes 'n Tapes: Omaha
    Rufus Wainwright: California
    Arctic Monkeys: Fake Tales of San Francisco
    Decemberists: Los Angeles, I'm Yours
    Strokes: New York City Cops
    Delays: Chicago
    Kooks: California
    Eagle: Hotel California
    Low: California
    Kings of Leon: California Waiting
    Wombats: Moving to New York
    Martha Wainwright: New York, New York, New York
    Sufjan Stevens: Say Yes! To M!ch!gan
    Sufjan Stevens: Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)
    Razorlight: Los Angeles Waltz
    Will Smith: Miami

    I could probably put Editors' "Munich" on the list as well, as there probably is a place called Munich in the US.

    Everybody's singing about California and NY. Why not Massachusetts? Or Kansas? (there probably are songs about these places as well, I reckon. It should, anyway!)

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