• Record collection - June 2015

    13 May 2014, 12:42 by Bryanvdst

    My collection of music. CDs, DVDs and vinyl.
    For my visual kei collection, see my other journal.

    ★ = Ordered, not yet received

    88 Fingers Louie
    ・Go Away! (7" single)
    ・Wanted (7" single)
    ・The Teacher gets it (7" yellow single)
    ・Behind Bars (CD)
    ・The Dom Years (CD)
    ・Back on the Streets (CD)
    ・Split (CD EP) (w/ Kid Dynamite)
    ・88 Fingers Louie LIVES (CD)
    ・88 Fingers Louie LIVES (DVD)

    A Day to Remember
    ・For Those Who Have Heart (CD) (reissue)

    The Algorithm
    ・Polymorphic Code (12")

    ・0.6 (CD EP)
    ・Anomie (CD EP)

    Arctic Monkeys
    ・Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (CD)
    ・When the Sun Goes Down (7" single)
    ・Brianstorm (10" EP)
    ・Favourite Worst Nightmare (CD)
    ・Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair (10" EP)

    Attack! Attack!
    ・Attack! Attack! (CD)
    ・You and Me (CD single)
    ・This is a Test (CD single)
    ・The Latest Fashion (CD)
    ・Not Afraid (CD single)
    ・Unplugged (CD)
  • CD collection - UPDATE 2012.01.01

    16 May 2009, 11:38 by Souryoku001

    My CD/DVD/etc collection. Took the template from Inka333. Updated January 1st.

    ★ = Ordered, not yet received



    88 Fingers Louie
    ・Behind Bars (CD) ★
    ・Split (CD) (w/ Kid Dynamite)
    ・88 Fingers Louie LIVES (CD)

    Attack! Attack!
    ・Attack! Attack! (CD)
    ・You and Me (CD)
    ・Not Afraid (CD)
    ・The Latest Fashion (CD)

    ・Macabre (1st) (CD)
    ・Vulgar (EU) (CD)
    ・Withering to Death. (EU) (CD)

    ・Leaking of Secret (CD)

    Iron Maiden
    ・Number of the Beast (CD)

    The Killing Tree
    ・The Romance of Helen Trent (CD) ★

    ・Plug It In (Special Edition)

    Last of the Believers
    ・Paper Ships Under a Burning Bridge (1st) (CD)
    ・Paper Ships Under a Burning Bridge (2nd) (CD)

    Linkin Park
    ・Hybrid Theory EP (CD) ★
    ・Hybrid Theory (CD)
    ・Reanimation (CD)
    ・Meteora (CD)
    ・Minutes to Mightnight (CD+DVD)
    ・Bleed it Out (CD)
    ・A Thousand Suns (CD+DVD)

    New Pokerface
    ・Act the Animal (CD)
    ・another day, another religion (CD)