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  1. Official Web Site | MySpace | Twitter | Youtube

    HEY-SMITH are consisted of 5 members.
    Our sound is like party rock mixed brass!!

  2. SECRET 7 LINE is an indie pop-punk band from Japan. They formed in June 2006 and started performing gigs in July the same year.

    The current…

  3. Official Web Site | MySpace | Twitter

    Japanese Punk Rock band GOOD 4 NOTHING were formed in 1998 in Sakai, Osaka. Since then, Tanny (Gu/Vo),…

  4. Japanese Emotional Punk Rock Band.

    Guitar & Vocal 笠原 健太郎
    Bass & Vocal 井村 知治
    Drums 馬場 豊心

    They belong to Japanese indies music label.

    They released…

  5. Official Web Site | MySpace | Twitter(kiku) | Twitter(EIJI)

    A Japanese Punk band.

  6. A pop punk / melodic punk band from japan.
    Members include : SUGA Vocals/guitar , JOJI Bass/back up vocals , REIJI Drums/chorus.

    **From their…

  7. Vo.& Gt. hamaken

    ex. member
    Ba. Taisuke


  8. In 1998, Masayuki Kinoshita (Vo/Ba), Yusuke Mori (Vo/Gt), and Tatsuya Sasahara (Dr/Cho) got together to form "locofrank." The three from Osaka…

  9. NAME : SiM (Silence iz Mine)
    MEMBER : SIN (シン, Ba) / MAH (マー, Vo) / GODRi (ゴリ, Dr) / SHOW-HATE (ショウヘイト, Gt)
    UNITED : 11/03/2004
    LOCATiON : Shonan,…

  10. Members:
    W-shun-Vocal and guitar
    Kobe, Japan…

  11. COUTNRY YARD is an Indie Punk band formed on 2008 in Machida, Tokyo.

    Keisaku "Sit" Matsu-ura (Vo/Ba)1985.10.30
    Hayato Mochizuki (Vo/Gt)…

  12. Officially formed in Kyoto 2000, 10-FEET's members had made their first work (a demo tape) in 1997. Formed as ex-members from several of the…

  13. japanese pop punk band
    masato kanai (vocal & guitar)

    hiroya kakinuma (guitar & vocal)

    ib riad (drums)

    hideto yasui (bass)

    mao higashide…

  14. TOTALFAT is melodic punk band formed in 1999 from Hachioji. TOTALFAT consisted of vocalist/guitarist Jose (ホセ), vocalist/bassist Shun, guitarist…

  15. Yokoyama Ken (横山健, Stage Name: Ken Yokoyama) is the former quitarist from the Japanese band Hi-Standard (disbanded 2000), though now has…

  16. YUTA (G/Vo ) TORU (B/Cho) HATANO (Dr)
    Japanese melodic-hc punk band, influenced by Hi-Standard.

  17. Formed by Takeshi Hosomi during the spring of 2009 after Ellegarden announced their hiatus in May 2008. Their official site defines the HIATUS as…

  18. Formed in 2003 Pop Disaster is Pop Punk/Power Pop Band from Osaka ,Japan. Pop Disaster have released three Albums so far.

    『Make A Promise』 2007…

  19. Nothing's Carved In Stone a japanese rock band formed by Shinichi Ubukata. Members are:
    Vocals/Guitar: Taku Muramatsu (Abstract Mash)


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