• Sadly neglected - Part 6

    10 Jul 2006, 19:35 by KeithJenner

    Well, we’re nearly there now. Just two more instalments before we reach the bottom of the chart and I will stop banging on about all these bands that you’ve probably never even heard of.

    Numbers 20-11 are something of a mixed bunch. There’s a couple of classic albums that should really be more popular included here.

    20 – b.l.o.w. – 43 Listeners

    Seeing as The Little Angels are also languishing in this chart, it’s no surprise that b.lo.w. do so badly.

    Formed after the split of The Little Angels, they released a mini album called Man and Goat Alike which was a pretty good debut. It doesn’t do the song justice, but you can hear a sample of Dred Indian Blues on

    I always picture The Little Angels as being very young and b.l.o.w., which featured at least two members of that band, seemed to be going for a mature look, with some fairly impressive facial hair on display. The album sort of put me in mind of Led Zeppelin although I’m sure most people wouldn’t see it.