• Best of 2013

    10 Jan 2014, 00:02 by sharevari

    This is the list of my top 100 musical discoveries of 2013.

    2013 feels like the year when the 90s house revival finally broke through with the likes of Bicep, Disclosure, MK's comeback etc - personally I couldn't resist Disclosure's delicious and immaculately produced little garage nuggets. An overlooked, but brilliant 1990 Roger Sanchez production also found its way into my ears and onto place 17 of this chart. In other house news, relative unknown Steve produced such a pitch-perfect late 80s pastiche of an Inner City-esque vocal scorcher that it made it all the way up to place 4, and 3 Channels' deep house recombination of Esbjörn Svensson Trio and Double Exposure transcended the sum of its parts so exquisitely that it landed on place 14.

    This year furthermore saw a return to form for old favourites of mine, the Pet Shop Boys and Saint Etienne, both of which I'd more or less given up hope of ever releasing decent material again. …
  • RA Podcast: RA.265 Convextion

    17 Oct 2011, 07:14 by infctr

    RA catches up on low frequencies as Convextion/E.R.P. submerges into deeper structures of electronic music on this week’s exclusive guest mix. Though Gerard Hanson has remained an obscure person over the course of his career and hasn’t put out much of the material, he has still gained profound respect and popularity amongst critics and music fans alike. Keeping focus on the deeper spectrum of music palette, Hanson’s roots as Convextion go into shaped and moulded soundscape of dub techno and as E.R.P. he forges quirky electro tinged sounds. Thus, on this live mix Hanson’s production prowess comes into full effect. Executed with utmost talent the mix circulates in incredibly detailed vibrating rhythms augmented by sophisticated sense of electronic flavor past, present and future. And that’s what makes it sound out of time, totally detached, a solid manifestation of eternal music fundamentals. …
  • The Ones I Love...

    13 Mar 2010, 17:01 by Leisjanna

  • Best of 2009

    17 Jan 2010, 16:38 by sharevari

    For the last few years, I have amused myself by compiling a list of my favourite tracks of the year, but with the distinction that they are not necessarily tracks released during the year, but rather tracks that I happened to discover during the year.

    Without further ado, here goes the 2009 version.

    1. Raiders of the lost Arp - Azymuth (2008)
    There's not much to it, definitely not a boundary-pushing groundbreaking sort of thing, but everything about it just sits right, and I absolutely love it. Heavily indebted to Detroit, with a rock solid 4/4 groove propelling everything forward and a plaintive, emotional chord progression taking it to the next level.

    2. Hardfloor - The Trill Acid Theme (E.R.P. Remix) (2008)
    3. Hardfloor - The Life We Choose (E.R.P. Remix) (2008)
    Just like last year, E.R.P. features heavily in the top 20. These two remixes he did for Hardfloor vastly outshine the originals, and should be seen as unique productions in their own right. …
  • Best of 2008

    10 Jan 2009, 13:05 by sharevari

    I think I must have listened to less music this year as I didn't have as many candidates this time, so I'm going to limit it to 50 tracks.

    The top 50 songs I listened to in 2008

    1. Jens Lekman - Sipping on the Sweet Nectar (Bogdan Irkük's Love Nectar Mix) (2008)
    I think the reason I like this song so much is that it manages to combine a huge number of the aspects that I appreciate the most in music. Great pop feeling, a fantastically lush production, rich melancholic chord progressions, an insistent dance beat, sweeping strings, arpeggiated synths, italo disco flourishes and a beautiful vocal. Wait for the drop to almost complete silence at 4:57. Breathtaking.

    2. E.R.P. - Vox Automaton (2007)
    Sleek, futuristic and absolutely sublime modern electro. The pads that come in at 1:56 just lifts it off this planet and straight up to heaven. Don't think I will ever tire of this one.

    3. Familjen - Huvudet i sanden (2007)
    This song made me want to jump up and down with a silly smile…
  • May 2008 Mix: Lighter Path

    3 Jun 2008, 09:19 by dytiq

    Sonic Sunset
    May 2008: Lighter Path
    Download at

    Finally got this mix online that's been brewing since before March :) Matt's getting me to try linking to the artists and labels in here...

    Check out the mix at

    Dave lays down a near double-dose to make up for lost time, starting out loud and quick in the mix, and gliding into the sublime: a leisurely float along a space-side beach with nighttime electro twinkling to starboard and waves of lush electronics glistening on the port side.

    Hell Interface - Midas Touch (Boards of Canada bootleg) 2007
    Meat Beat Manifesto - God O.D. (Wax Trax) 1988
    Plaid - Fly Wings (Warp) 2000
    Kelley Polar - The Rooms in My House Have Many Parties - Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens (Environ) 2006
    FireFly - Love (Is Gonna Be on Your Side) (Emergency) 1981
    Soul Center - Let's Go - I (W.v.B. Enterprises) 1999
    Newworldaquarium - Avon Sparkle - Dead Bears (NWAQ) 2007
  • CBS Top 100 2007 for download sliced and diced (and properly tagged)

    24 Jan 2008, 10:30 by sharevari

    I had some problems locating a download split up into individual, tagged MP3s of the Cybernetic Broadcasting System Top 100 this year so I reckoned I might as well put one up.

    Thanks to CBS user statiq for providing the cue files that allowed me to split the files.

    I've been through checking the track names against Discogs etc so they should be mostly correct and nicely scrobblable. (I did however leave the filenames intact for future reference.)

    Download here

    A lot of really great new finds this year, my favourites so far are E.R.P., $tinkworx, Oasis, Dream Disco, Pino Donaggio, Composite Profuse and Alex Valentini.
  • Vinyl Junkie

    5 Oct 2006, 10:20 by combi

    I will not calm down until the last Convextion / E.R.P. record is added to my collection. When this happens, my soul will explode. The power of music.