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  • Top Twenty Albums of 00s

    31 Dec 2009, 17:07 by dischord33

    Being the 31st of December and everything, I figured it was about time I looked back at all the albums I bought/borrowed/downloaded over the course of the past 9 years and 364 days, and picked out my top twenty.

    That's a lie. I was only six when we came into the new millenium, and not many six-year-olds listen to Nadja (a search for "drone baby" does not bring up ANY pictures of babies listening to drone, which is too bad).

    So what this list really is, is my top twenty albums that were released in the last 9 years and 364 days. Whilst the mainstream has been largely dominated by , r'n'b and this decade, the was a lot of great music if you bothered to look for it.

    How do I judge a great album? Well, there are three kinds of great albums:
    a) an album filled with consistantly great songs (Mellow Gold by Beck)
    b) an album with many hits and a few misses, where the hits are good enough to make up for the misses, and then some (Destroy all Astromen! by Man or Astro-Man?)