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  • Avatar for kissmylips22
    I guess you won't know Bonage1 with that SHIT that you listen too....
  • Avatar for Bondage1
    WHo the fuck is Dwele?
  • Avatar for Neisha1980
    Dwele is my overall favorite!!! I'm in love with his voice.
  • Avatar for TheNarratorX
    The Sun. <3
  • Avatar for stephanielast
    sketches of a man is a fantastic album.
  • Avatar for LoveComeDown83
    I loooove weekend love!!! "After all this time your still fine"
  • Avatar for ticktockclock
    He is always getting caught up in his songs lol
  • Avatar for LLCoolD
    my favorite soul singer of the last decade! both "subject" and "some kinda" are timeless classics. one love.
  • Avatar for rodanside
    I know it's silly but I, I think I love you.
  • Avatar for northsidenisha
    I would marry this dude...*sinister giggle*
  • Avatar for KeKeReppinJerZ
    I personally bought all three albums (worth every penny...kind of upset the 2nd CD is only for Windows Media though...). And the McDonalds commercial was hot. Beautiful music. Theres far worse things to sell than coffee, get a life.
  • Avatar for ChiCapDiva
    Dwele + D'angelo +Prince = Heaven [2]
  • Avatar for ChiCapDiva
    I need a new Dwele album.
  • Avatar for lime129
    Wyclef and DJ Drama new mixtape “Toussaint St. Jean: From the Hut, To the Projects, To the Mansion” just dropped and is dope as hell here is a single from it “Warrior’s the album is a beautiful mix of music from around the world!
  • Avatar for deiscrazy09
    So truth this man is one of best!!!!
  • Avatar for TheJanStan
    I'm looking for the official song title of this Dwele jam - can some1 help me out? "Everybody sees a way/Everybody knows a way / To make a come up in this city of mine/ How do you decipher who gets the line?"
  • Avatar for vdreyer
    Heads up to any neo soul fans out there in Los Angeles. Jennie Laws will be playing at The Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica this Friday, Aug 28th. Check out the youtube link below, as she really does have a great voice.
  • Avatar for inuucha
  • Avatar for mhunke
    damn, did I just see this dude in a McDick's commercial?
  • Avatar for LilacHarpoonBo
    Met this girl holding a McCafe at Mahogany.... LOL
  • Avatar for TheJanStan
    for a dude with limited vocal range, he always manages to concoct sum next level compositions... his music is liquid soul sonic art.
  • Avatar for bldixon2
    Check his MJ tribute on youtube
  • Avatar for CillaFAB
    I love me some Dwele !
  • Avatar for ill_plus
    Jajuan Im'ma tell u like Common told me...."...niggaz like my tape but how many were consumers..." just cause they listening don't mean they buying, I hope he is bringing home that much but I don't knock him for getting much needed promotion albums ain't selling nowadays so these labels don't go all out to make video's and market artists so I'm not mad to see him in a mickey'ds commercial
  • Avatar for Jajuan
    ill_plus.....he has almost a million me, he's doing alright in the pockets.....He pulling in at least 500k a year.
  • Avatar for mhunke
    Body Rock is amazing
  • Avatar for ill_plus
    Come on Jajuan...barely anybody is supporting buying this dude's album, the man has to make a living so why not sign a contract with mcdonalds, if not for their food at least for the money that will buy him better food... you can cry foul when the only chicken he can afford is mcnuggets
  • Avatar for Jajuan
    Dwele, you know he's my boy....but a McDonalds commercial....really? Amazin voice for sure though!
  • Avatar for ziggyiggy
    the most underrated neo-soul!!
  • Avatar for KathrinDeneuve
    so gefühlvoll und angenehm,musik zum träumen !
  • Avatar for BSMUSICSMC
  • Avatar for RAWmentality
    love. <3
  • Avatar for UsPeaches
    Detroit City!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Beatnut01
    love his voice!!!
  • Avatar for dfdfdfr
  • Avatar for dfdfdfr
  • Avatar for JohnHipHop
    best R&B singer
  • Avatar for chaechea
    Real chill music, great voice
  • Avatar for rnbrockstar
    Really diggin "Sketches of a Man" Peace n Blessings
  • Avatar for lenorazmelody
    "A Few Reasons" opening..the beat is amazing
  • Avatar for Honey2Smooth
    My dude
  • Avatar for T-101
    sit back, relax and vibe to this
  • Avatar for amanda_velez
    Dwele is so.... Dwele (Godlike in swahili.)
  • Avatar for ill_plus
    Dilla Week!!! Open ya Eyes...We working On It!!!
  • Avatar for srToyota
    nice =)
  • Avatar for garsagil
    dwele, de lo mejorcito que hay ahora mismo de soul-r&b, lo mejor suyo......hold on y truth..........increible este hombre
  • Avatar for Diego215
    My sleeper favorite. Cat can blow and his lyrics are pristine! Thanks for the good music Dwele!
  • Avatar for bobbieatwell
    looks like my brother !
  • Avatar for ceeceemarie
    Dwele + D'angelo +Prince = Heaven
  • Avatar for bravebeats


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