• Four Stooges Albums of 2011 III: Return of the Jonesy (Part 1)

    21 Dec 2011, 21:35 by TheoGB

    The synopsis: Four mates get together, get drunk, play each other a track from each of their 10 favourite albums of the year, and rip the piss out of each others choices.

    In past years (2008, 2011) it’s just been me (Theo), AZ, Raul, but this year we were joined by Tom.

    It took about three hours so, as ever, the podcast is divided into three blocks, but this year it’s getting published early and in three bits. There’ll be a clip of each track (about a minute) and then our discussion. Unfortunately we had a recorder crash on us so we had to restart and the backup system recorded everything over-compressed so we sound like we’re deep underwater. Sorry about that, but the music still sounds good.

    2011 Part 1 (61.45 total)

    Choices are in no particular order. It's just our favourite 10 rather than an ordered list.

    Gang Gang Dance - Romance Layers - Raul
    Julian Lynch - Terra - AZ (3.47)
    Wild Flag - Romance - Theo (7.28)
    Mogwai - Rano Pano - Tom (11.10)

    PJ Harvey - Bitter Branches - Raul (14.30)