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  • Avatar for sunglitters
    Christmas(Baby Please Come Home) will always be one of my favorites of his.
  • Avatar for BrandNewThrice2
    How is "Ruby" not a top track?!
  • Avatar for heavyk
    Can't see me ever enjoying listening to any singer as much as I love listening to Dustin
  • Avatar for MonsieurPeluche
    New album is top² But "The Water and the Blood" was fucking epic !
  • Avatar for carlos4444
    Everybody who loves Dustin should definitely see and hear his cover of Buzzcut Season of Lorde. Didn't even know the song before, but that performance... oO <3
  • Avatar for bodyinflight
    New album is top.
  • Avatar for Walenta
    Heavy Pop Review:
  • Avatar for 05061985
    The bozo on here complaining about his "new" path of preaching obviously never paid any attention to what he was writing with Thrice.
  • Avatar for carlos4444
    Really like the new album! Awesome to hear some new stuff of him. I don't even know how it's possible, but his voice got even better. Pure genius!
  • Avatar for Lysflath0000
    I was heard his music in NHL08, eight years ago. And now I'm very happy that I find him.
  • Avatar for milica_zekavica
    "Carry The Fire" is pure gold!
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    new album is so good
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
    "Back to Back" is so good :)
  • Avatar for Zombienation333
    I hate most of his lyrics, but my love for his voice prevails at the end :)
  • Avatar for alexcrisp
    "O God, you never leave my side... Your love stands firm through all my life"
  • Avatar for k0daipanda
    Omfg I Love The Water and And The Blood :3
  • Avatar for u013emperor
    "it's a fucking shame thrice broke up because of his new pathetic path of preaching" - I don't understand why someone would say this. Why judge? And if you liked Thrice, and Dustin's creative path was an integral part of the project, why judge where it takes him now? Dustin has life experience- and if he decides his priorities are in spreading ideas he thinks are important- I don't think there's a thing wrong with that.
  • Avatar for spunge666
    In all fairness, many of his lyrics are Biblically based, Thrice included!
  • Avatar for MartiusNauticus
    Basically, 'The Water and the Blood' should not be compared to Thrice or even Dustin's first solo album. It is pretty clear that he is now operating in the genre of congregational worship/praise music. This is not just art for art sake any more. He is producing music which also performs a functional role, that is, enabling a congregation to worship. Naturally, this functional role curbs back some of the experimental tendencies he explored with Thrice and ramps up the religious content. It's pretty unfair to seriously compare the projects. You can be annoyed that he has gone in this direction at all, if you like, but one shouldn't think that he was aiming to produce a maximally creative, subtle record and simply failed along the way.
  • Avatar for NK-Metal
    Time again for This Good Night :D
  • Avatar for Brent_AXiS
    Lol this album is horrible in every way.
  • Avatar for FlyMonster
    dastuś ♥
  • Avatar for Bogatzke
    it's a fucking shame thrice broke up because of his new pathetic path of preaching
  • Avatar for trechime
    Sound of the album is really good, it's a bit darker than his last one, but still very enjoyable. I'm not too fond of the lyrics and theme, but meh. Good album nonetheless.
  • Avatar for aSharedHistory
    It kills me the lyrics are so cringe inducing where the music is so good on his latest.
  • Avatar for NK-Metal
    Suffering Servant is my fav so far (and It's Not Enough of course) but Rejoice and Rock of Ages have been stuck inside my head for days now and it's quite pleasant.
  • Avatar for perristarr
    Reeeejoiiice! Forever getting stuck in my head.
  • Avatar for DecyferDown
  • Avatar for spunge666
    I miss Thrice so much but this will do, the new album is great!
  • Avatar for aviations
    Hope those who loved Thrice aren't turned off by the new album.
  • Avatar for carlos4444
    True Story... for me, Dustin Kensrue is pretty much the best musician ever and Thrice is my all time favourite band. But with Dustins new music, he just uses a part of his potential - the lyrics are just not nearly as good as Thrice's because they are so one-dimensional and repetitive. Still I like to listen to his new solo stuff and the new album, but sadly it's just so far beyond Thrice...
  • Avatar for Vader13
    Well, It's Not Enough is great, but the rest just has too much Jesus/God/Lord in it, it almost sounds like a parody. Seriously one of those words is pretty much every second word.
  • Avatar for Ev1LLL
    OMG THE NEW SONG IS AMAZING [4] Dustin never dissapoints.
  • Avatar for StasLeo
  • Avatar for resuscitated
  • Avatar for NK-Metal
  • Avatar for Fcimino
    Despite me being a atheist I still consider him one of my inspirations to get me into music.
  • Avatar for krypt2nite
    Damnit I wish I never saw that comment about him fronting some churchy worship band... Still love him but shit...
  • Avatar for bruno_avilar
  • Avatar for NK-Metal
  • Avatar for ericbearclaw new dustin kensrue project.. it is worship based and its the band he plays with at his church.. chillwave/synth style music.. way good
  • Avatar for samstressmuzik
    It's been so long, a new album would be nice!
  • Avatar for donkukis
    Amazing music.
  • Avatar for spunge666
    Another solo album please....
  • Avatar for v0xtheriot
    prodigal never fails to make me cry
  • Avatar for MUSEmaniako
    He's the one.
  • Avatar for Nelsonpontonet
    The best!
  • Avatar for apjccjqa
    Gosh, his Christmas album is amazing. (2)
  • Avatar for perristarr
    I do not think it is selfish at all, he didn't do a tour with his christmas album I don't think, Just the where's the band tour...? I would LOVE to hear more solo stuff, as I'm sure everyone else would too =]
  • Avatar for DarkReality
    I know Thrice is taking a break now; Dustin wants to get back to being a full-time father and all. But would it be selfish of me to ask for a new solo album? He doesn't even have to tour to support it. I just would love some personal and heartfelt acoustic tracks from the man who inspired me over the last 8 years.


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