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  • Avatar for websrfr
    could never find women like this
  • Avatar for websrfr
    not good done live
  • Avatar for crocy2
    cooles video...
  • Avatar for BJxDJ1964
    Top Tune... more like this @ let me know your top tracks/artists/bands @bjxdj10
  • Avatar for Musicflyer
    The original video of this track is pretty tame by today's standards. Amazing how things change. (2)
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Good 80s band!
  • Avatar for he_pennypenny
    The beginning of one of the best bands of the 80s and early 90s.
  • Avatar for victimofkratina
    Holy shit, that bass is all over the place!
  • Avatar for retroguy
    The original video of this track is pretty tame by today's standards. Amazing how things change.
  • Avatar for Frazerman
    Love the music video for this.
  • Avatar for Beanoboo
  • Avatar for Franbau
    Esos años 80 cómo eran...
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
  • Avatar for TuneBlendR
    This was their first single...
  • Avatar for shaunpaigan
  • Avatar for export88
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    written by Andy Wickett
  • Avatar for ernesto-amorim
    Só mais uma da minha era...
  • Avatar for southstarmusic
    yes better than the PSB's only marginally ;)
  • Avatar for tommweber
    i like girls on film :)
  • Avatar for LordDune
    Allronix, you cannot be serious. Duran Duran made videos including naked women that used to play at clubs back in the day. I seriously doubt they cared one bit about exploitation.
  • Avatar for jfk2music
    To Mightybubbafett = I have almost the same problem BUT for me people think I'm the brother to the actor whose first name is KEIFER.... MY last name is kieffer [pronounced the exact way as keifer]
  • Avatar for AbbaFan1972
    Just love this song and I never get tired of it!
  • Avatar for HD1969
  • Avatar for G0DSTAR
    Classic DD. Love it.
  • Avatar for mightybubbafett
    my last name is actually duran
  • Avatar for swenju
    Give me one last glimpse in to the night... Holy friggin' cow does this song bring back memories!!! And they **still** rock!! :)
  • Avatar for crocy2
    DD are fantastic...
  • Avatar for duraniejen77
    Lipstick cherry all over the lense as she's falling... Love it!
  • Avatar for LadyTee71
    "girls girlz gurlz...dem ALL"
  • Avatar for december1968
    straight up funk right here.
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    Yes, great song...Duran Duran rocks
  • Avatar for dandymark
    Great Duran Duran it!!
  • Avatar for RustyChile
    It sure is, goodwitch! :D
  • Avatar for thegoodwitch222
    tribute to pussy
  • Avatar for GODZILLA_1964
  • Avatar for Allronix
    On this track, you can REALLY hear how much Chic influenced them, especially the Taylors. John Taylor's bass line sounds like it was lifted from "Le Freak" (and probably was). Meanwhile, Le Bon's word salad lyrics manage to sound innocous...but only on the first pass. Take a little time to figure out what the lyrics actually contain, and it's pretty strongly anti-exploitation. Compare with "Too Much Information" where they're talking about their own exploitation.
  • Avatar for anlalu
    Que de bons souvenirs !!! Yes !!!
  • Avatar for violaghost
    Memory serves you correctly, jomabbs. Cut and uncut versions. I liked the video for "The Chauffeur" better but that's because it was more artsy-whatever and less, well, naked girls (just one semi-naked girl if my memory serves me correctly) :P
  • Avatar for jomabbs
    Best video as well if memory serves,,, all those naked girls........
  • Avatar for Malfias
    Xrated films? o.0
  • Avatar for queenk70
    their best song!!!!
  • Avatar for kikikirsche
    Give me shudders with a whisper
  • Avatar for Evan_Fiend
    Anytime I hear any Duran Duran, all I can think of is "Barbarella, Bar-Bar-Barella" Love both equally. :)
  • Avatar for vaughnvhalen
    One of the first group of MTV videos !!! Love it !!!!!!!!!!...................................
  • Avatar for devision6
    ........ SEHR GUT , VOR ALLEN DIE DRUMMS .....!
  • Avatar for retroguy
    The fact they are still together and putting out new material proves they were more than just pretty boys with nice clothes. They're musicianship was severely underrated back in the day. Just listen to the bass and guitar from John and Andy. Superb.
  • Avatar for neonecromorph
    Love the music, but met them at a concert and Simon was a pure dick.
  • Avatar for silvasonicsurfa
    ...the best track they ever did was Hold Back The Rain (b-side to Save A Prayer, I think), which has a corking chorus...... :-)
  • Avatar for G0DSTAR
    Girls on film!


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