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DUPOBS (also known as Les Dupobs) is a satirical noise duo based in Vancouver, Canada. Originally formed in 1988, DUPOBS was dormant for the 1990s, and began doing 'guerilla' live performances and distributing cassette tapes and CDs in the early 2000s.
DUPOBS' sound is somewhat reminiscent of DAF's first album (Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen) combined with satire in the manner of Violent Onsen Geisha and The Residents. Although the group takes elements from noise, industrial, and outsider music, its output is largely uncategorizable. DUPOBS have labelled their music "regressive", and have written a manifesto outlining their intentions:
"Regressive music is the act of vomiting the world back onto itself. In so doing regressive musicians become liberated, and help to liberate the world around them – purged of the rubbish foisted upon them".
Scottish songwriter Momus has likened the DUPOBS listening experience to following a "path of torment" to "the heart of music”
One of the group's members, Jean H., is also a member of A Spectre Is Haunting Europe, a death/gothic-rock group, also based in Vancouver. Less is know of DUPOBS' other member, Patrik Sampler, although his byline in a 2004 issue of PRISM international states that he "resides in Japan, moonlighting as an industrial noise musician". Incidentally, DUPOBS have a friendship with DeliciouSweets, a musical "Coquette Show" based in Tokyo.
DUPOBS website: www.dupobs.ca

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