• Unique non-active (or suspended) bands list (selected by me) [03.03.2012]

    21 Aug 2009, 15:51 by ahenathon

    - Balkan Electrique (Poland) - [split-up] Synth Pop/Balkan Folk Music. Possibly the most underrated polish band. They combined balkan folk with pop music at the truly bad time for such activity on polish market. After (official) regained independence, the Poles were hungry for Western culture, which hopes them help to break away from the east. Collectively, rejected everything that was associated with the east and glorified the west. Then came hip-hop, McDonald's and first capitalistic millionaires. Sad times. Poland has always been a link for west and the east. Providing balance and cultural dialogue, sometimes being a buffer zone. Losing over time, but also gaining the experience. Just like Balkan Electrique. Now they are still underrated and more unknown to the world. Pity because their music are actually excellent and addicting.
    - Dunkel:heit (Norway) - [suspended?] Extreme Industrial Metal/Electronic. One full-length album called Obey. …