• Joe Jackson and the Incredible Shrinking Playlist (Updated)

    22 Apr 2008, 18:11 by JoeIsListening

    Sat 19 Apr – Joe Jackson

    Some day I'm going to get to see Joe Jackson early on the American leg of one of his tours, before he's settled in and road weary. The last time I saw him, in support of Night and Day II, I'd read reviews of two-and-a-half hour shows that included an extended solo set in the middle and a scorching cover of Steely Dan's Reelin' In The Years. But by the time he got to Cleveland, the show was down to a tight two hours. It was still great, but I had to wonder if he had something against Cleveland.

    So for his show in Pittsburgh, I avoided reading reviews of previous shows. But, as it turns out, the set list was literally changed at the last minute - so I had to wonder. Perhaps I'm just cursed.

    A little background first. This was my fourth JJ show. I've seen him with a ten piece band that included a horn section (Blaze Of Glory tour), a five piece band (the Warmin' It Up club tour which rehearsed material for the soon-to-be-recorded Laughter And Lust)…