• 2020 Soundsystem - Falling (2020 Vision)

    18 Nov 2009, 15:00 by ebcommunity

    Solid second album from Ralph Lawson's live band, where he ropes in Silver City and Dubble D for a full funk-house experience. Slightly more reserved than 2006's double disc effort No Order, the equally enjoyable Falling goes a bit deeper, and injects some real life emotion into its 12 real songs.

    The appropriately titled “We Get Down” kicks things off with a sleazy builder that alternates between fierce synth riffs, funk drums and disembodied vocals. “Everytime” is infused with a bittersweet vocal hook and a dreamy arpeggio, and is one of the album’s highlights for me. Elsewhere, things are slightly patchy; there is more than a sonic nod to Emperor Machine on “Broken”, and the 20:20 signature sound of warm funky electronics, which has been lacking on their 12"s of late, is laced all the way through cuts such as “Bisco”.

    However, the joyful title track is a killer; the woozy cut channels both the Stone Roses and contemporary house sounds, which works a helluva lot better than it sounds.
  • Don't you just hate it when...

    15 Sep 2005, 18:55 by iaintait

    you buy a new CD. The first couple of tracks are amazing. Then track 3 comes on, and it's total rubbish. I almost can't be bothered to listen to any more. It tends to be 'dance' albums that are trying to play it wide that really bug me.

    OK, I'll tell you the album that's pissing me off right now. It's Reachin' Out by Dubble D. It's had great reviews, it's on 2020 Vision (a great label), and it's got some great collaborators on it (Nightmares on Wax, Kate Rogers for example). Starts out great. Then moves into the most heinous jazzwank: the stuff that's so inoffensive it's really offensive. Another couple of albums that I remember hacking me off in the same way are: Block 16, Faze Action and Sylk 130. All 'critically acclaimed' but all have a stinker or two that really bug me.

    Maybe it's just me. I don't mind a bit of diversity. My tastes are relatively diverse. But sometimes people (who obviously have great talent in some areas) seem to get it sooooo wrong.