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  1. Hardcore band from San Francisco, CA.

    Members from Nightstick Justice, Warkrime, Second Opinion, Migraine and more....
    Ecoli-S/T 7"…

  2. Sex Vid (or Sex/Vid) is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Washington state, with members residing in both Seattle and Olympia, WA. They…

  3. Slices is a hardcore punk/noiserock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    John Kasunic - guitar
    Mike Kasunic - bass
    Greg Kamerdze - vocals

  4. Nomos is 1) a hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York or 2) an Irish folk band.

    1) you are dust and to dust you are to return.…

  5. A Western Massachusetts hardcore supergroup that doesn't exist, yet covertly exerts a ruinous influence upon your life. Best known for their…

  6. Nihilistic hardcore hailing from Columbus, OH.


    DEMO I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE II (smoke & mirrors)
    DEMO II…

  7. Semen from Florida a la your crusty gym shorts, fantasies of a sexy dinosaur, and hating yourself with mom’s permission.

  8. Cold Sweat is the name of four different bands, they are:

    1. A hardcore/punk band with releases on the now defunct Manic Ride Records. Members…

  9. Hailing from Bakersfield, CA- These punks sounds like, you could take early Poison Idea, and mix it with GERMS, and you wont be too far away. This…

  10. 1) An experimental electronic/witch house artist.

    2) HC frenzy from NYC/Mass lifers casting all optimism aside to dismantle…

  11. Nazi Dust is a hardcore band from Tampa, Florida.

  12. Hardcore punk in the vein of Rorschach. They have released a demo on Painkiller records.

  13. Raw, degenerate hardcore that seethes with frustration and disaffection. Combining noise and thought, Confines songwriting is an unrelenting,…

  14. Washington, DC punk band
    noise not noise



    Answer = Bloodwashed Noise demo
    1st LP
    The Wankys/Lotus Fucker split…

  15. Pure excellence.

  16. Brain Handle is a punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have a sound that could be likened to that of bands from the early 80's,…

  17. HC PUNK from Syracuse, NY

    2009 - 2012


  18. If Jefferson Airplane and The Cows produced a child and did not abort it, it would have been Pigeon Religion. Stuck in the wrong time at the right…

  19. 1)White Boss are a punk band from the same scene that spawned Son Skull, Sex Vid, HPP, Funerot and HIV.
    LP out now on Perennial Records…


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