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Drowning Shadows is a musical project from southern Germany, which consists of the main actor Ultrafuchs. Created in 2009 from the merger of various musicians and guest musicians.

Drowning Shadows usually tinged dark, realistic foreign issues, ranging from the meaning and vampirism seraching - giving up to psychological content. The music of Drowning Shadows is mainly Dark Ambient with an influence of the underrated gem "Neue Deutsche Todeskunst", German Electro and of course Dark Wave.

Predominance, Deutsch-Nepal, Die Weisse Rose, Herbst9, Nox Arcana, Der Blaue Reiter, Cities Last Broadcast, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Relatives Menschsein, Eternal Afflict, Psyche …

Band Members:
Ultrafuchs - Voice & Electronic, and various guest musicians

More Info:

Dracul Atmosphere (Album)
Drowning Shadows currently available on the following samplers:
Orkus (9:19), Darkmusix - Musix from the Dark Vol I & Vol II Black Hearts Sampler

Bilder von - © Margaret M Stewart und © PhotoStocker

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