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Most bands go through their number of hardships; this is nothing new to the members of DRIVER SIDE IMPACT. Over their four years of being together they have endured some pretty bad luck including van break-ins, stolen equipment, and working through a number of line up changes. Holding strong, they’ve come out on top of things and are ready to start the New Year off right with the release of their EP, Double…

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  • Hi! We are My Last Words. A Pop punk / Hardcore band from Valencia (Spain) And you can hear our brand new Ep here: http://mylastwords.bandcamp.com/ Hope you like it! :D
  • @PyroMonkeyWv alright then. well i can't agree or disagree with you because the only song i liked on Lion was walking on water. and i didn't listen to the very air we breathe.
  • @ element_X: when you look at "the very air we breathe" as a whole and compare it to "lion" as a whole, i don't think it's even close to what album is better. I didn't say that lion didn't have some good songs. I like that song and lion is a good song too but it just doesn't match up in any way to their first album. i am not being biased toward the first album, there is just a bigger set of memorable songs than with lion.
  • PyroMonkeyWv, how about "Walking On Water"? That one's GREAT. Not horrible. And if you think that it IS, then you're obviously on something.
  • whoever says that lion is better than the very air breathe is obviously on something. lion was horrible and that was not just my opinion. they would never be able to outdue the first record, the very air we breathe. great record.
  • great band!
  • Like this? Check out http://www.last.fm/music/We+Are+the+Arsenal
  • Somehow, i got my hands on some alt-version of "The Very Air We Breathe" where the song are the same but the audio is just a little different. It almost sounds demo-ier. I wish i could find it again because that is the version i fell in love with. Walk The Plank was my favorite.
  • So far the only memorable song off TVAWB is "Your Time To Shine", which is excellent, by the way. The rest seems kinda like semi-appetizing filler... but it was still worth checking out after having heard of them two years ago and not acting on it!
  • There's like one original member of the band left. I've worked with them twice now for live shows and they're just complete dicks. The first show, 1997 opened for them and they didn't even pay them. They second, they weren't even headlining. There were three bands playing, and they wanted 3/4 of the money for themselves and expected the other two bands to split 1/4 amongst themselves. That night they kept hunting me down to buy their album, so I bought a two dollar EP to shut them the fuck up. Not even worth seeing for free.

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