• Get Driller Signed - Roadrunner

    16 Oct 2010, 11:34 by Drillertheband

    Hi Everyone!!

    Roadrunner – one of the biggest Rock/Metal Labels in the world - has this awesome PR page where bands can be rated and reviewed by you!!! Driller has a profile at and we would like to ask you to show your support and leave a comment and rate Driller! Doing this will help us be listened to by the Roadrunner staff, and if they dig us we could be one of their artists!

    Driller is currently 4th on the Rock charts, which is awesome! but in order to keep things going this well we need you to create an account, rate the band, write a review about the band and review our songs!!

    if you are a music lover, you can become a ‘Scout’ and use this service as if you were a PR. ;]

    We hope to see you at

    Thanks in advance! =]

    Drill on,

  • Driller on Spotify!!!

    29 Sep 2010, 09:25 by Drillertheband

    Hi Everyone!!

    Time for some good news! =]

    Our first EP - Alchemy of Love is now available for streaming on Spotify!

    You can listen to it, in its entirety, if you have an account with Spotify, if you don't then you can visit and get an account set for free!

    Thanks for your support and continually listening to Driller!!!

  • Driller - Download

    17 Jul 2010, 19:08 by Drillertheband

    Hi Everyone!

    There are a lot of people out there helping us spread the word Driller to the world, so it is time for us to thank all of you!
    If you have been following us you know we are about to release our first EP! So we decided to have one of the songs from the EP available for free download, but we don’t know which one!
    So why not you guys tell us which song you would like to have and the most voted one will be available for download at

    You just need to go click on JOIN THE MAILING LIST (left hand side of the page) and we will send you an e-mail back so you can vote! Please check your Trash Box as some e-mail providers may send the e-mail to your spam/trash.

    We’ll be taking votes by the 30th of July 2010 and uploading the most voted song to LastFm on the 1st of August 2010.

    Please note that if you have already subscribed to our Fan List there is no need to subscribe again. You will shortly receive an e-mail from Driller so you can vote.
  • Seen Live

    10 Jul 2010, 16:15 by kirk1great