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  • This could never be boring, but what would a 14 year old kid know. :)
  • the intro owns, after that this song comes quite boring cause this is so long song
  • drums are NUTS
  • blood pumpin stuff!
  • I love how angry this song is...It's almost scary, how angry the bridge in the middle is with all the voices
  • Rapping and sampling sucks, but the rest is awesome.
  • Cool chorus, and very aggressive!
  • Love the chorus =D
  • True masterpiece, as said below.
  • Don't cross the crooked step.
  • Yeah! Hell Yeah!
  • Yeah!, the band is very great!
  • the pinch harmonics!! *hides*
  • Great,i Heard this song 12 june in Katowice-Poland
  • KICK ASS!!!
  • That is the more expressive Dream Theater song.
  • one of the best progressive metal songs there is
  • The rapping pisses me off, but at least the song itself kicks ass.
  • This track destroy like a bulldozer!!! GREAT MUSIC;) GREAT BAND;) I LOVE IT !
  • Yes.
  • Amazing track!
  • One of the best dt songs.
  • Masterpiece
  • I love this song. It's one of the heavier songs they do, but jesus is it good.
  • HTF ftw.... the intros a piece of piss though lol.
  • lol, a rapping LaBrie. I love this song.
  • My DT favorite tune. It rocks!
  • Awesome riffs and awesome drumming make this a great Dream Theater song, from a great DT album :D
  • I'm not worthy of listening to portnoys drumming!
  • Goddamn regreeets!
  • Wow. I love this song, I think it's one of my top3.
  • You're the rotted root of the family tree
  • you deserve to diie alone for what you've done!!
  • I love the intro.


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