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  • Fantastic song I love the guitar work in this one
  • I love this song. Great chorus.
  • only fantastic , including the full album !
  • "'Cause even when I danced with life, no one was there to share." That line really gets to me.
  • Fuck no. I can understand people liking I&W as a whole more, but LaBrie's vocals are definitely at their pinnacle here [2]
  • Best Petrucci solo ever.
  • I like the cowbell in the short part after the solo.
  • awesome!
  • The instrumental section build-up is is the one in Innocence Faded!
  • great song
  • Epic
  • "LaBrie was much better on Images & Words imo. " Fuck no. I can understand people liking I&W as a whole more, but LaBrie's vocals are definitely at their pinnacle here
  • what´s up with that sh.... sound? Please give us a better quality. skip
  • I hate when they do ask to listen a specific recording from a specific album and you get something completely different...
  • James is so good on the studio version.
  • Good song, intro remind me the Nevermore songs
  • This is from the Awake demos. It's a Ytse Jam release.
  • LaBrie was much better on Images & Words imo.
  • Shit sound quality...
  • quality sucks
  • one of the few DT songs in which I do not hate LaBrie's voice. A great song if it wasn't for the soloes..
  • great-metal-band!!!!
  • what's up with the lastfm version? does no justice
  • the intro is kinda epic
  • total pish
  • I thing this is not a studio version . its a live version
  • Good song,great Band!!! Take the good sound quality from the Awake-Album !!!
  • this must be studio live
  • Horrible sound
  • This is not the album version. Definitely live. James is kinda all over the place and there're no backing vocals present. Bootleg?
  • Why does it sound weird like this? Like a 10k stream..
  • bandaza, temon!
  • one of the best's bands ever.........................................
  • Great !
  • My favourite from the album, methinks...but they're all excellent.
  • Boring? Really? I think it's the best DT song, infact I could listen to it for hours on end and I would still be really into it.
  • Najlepszy zespół na świecie
  • booooooring
  • Where does the Last.FM version come from?
  • Agree with all the guys !!
  • agree with Mitch_17...^^
  • I agree with Kikeo ánd Mitch_17
  • I agree with Kikeo.
  • I agree with Mitch_17
  • Dream Theater is one of the best bands of all time. :D
  • the sound of this track played bu lastfm radio is just... horrible !!
  • This is one of the very few songs that I've known I was gonna find amazing the second it started
  • Love it, love it, love it!!!!


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