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  • Avatar for MegaDave89
    5:19 <3
  • Avatar for eloso94565
    Who in the fuck is letting all the keyboard players into metal. headbanging, jumping around like he is doing something, get him the fuck out of their and you all make an extra share and have one less guy to share backstage poon with. take my advice and drop his ass.
  • Avatar for AmandaCCardoso
    Glorious Forever more in us We are victorious!
  • Avatar for Izozol
    Tell me, why have they so cool hair ? And song too of course <3
  • Avatar for Ivartist
  • Avatar for miguelmetallico
    metal.....! victorious
  • Avatar for Sun_Tzu86
    So fucking melodic!
  • Avatar for KimryKina
    Awesome song. That's just the perfect music for gaming or even writing an epic!
  • Avatar for Roseace
    @thechaosseer: Maybe, and just maybe you should watch some live videos from their actual tour, or just trying to listen a song from their live album would prove that a dubstep listener like you might not be the more adequate being in this site to judge this band, that by the way, does not speed up anything.
  • Avatar for BeIieve
    @thechaosseer are you retarded or just deaf?
  • Avatar for CuppaBro
    We'll all find our sack of flies tomorrow...
  • Avatar for thechaosseer
    DragonForce would be so much better if they didn't speed up their guitar work. I can't even take it seriously because I know they can't play like their albums would lead you to believe.
  • Avatar for ihsan_carrousel
    Anjriiittt, awesome !!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for frozendilemma
    The only song I like by them...
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
    Absolutely brilliant [2]
  • Avatar for Frank-Oliver
    Absolutely brilliant
  • Avatar for BeIieve
    Our kingdom come We stand as one
  • Avatar for JeremyB666
    anyone ever notice that most of their songs sound the same. Where is the song writing talent in this band?!
  • Avatar for inzaratha
    great song.
  • Avatar for DARKZSOU7
    Id honestly say this is the only song i ever liked by them.
  • Avatar for FearDeimos
    These guys are realy fast. Good wakeup song. Yeaaaah like it.
  • Avatar for manoel_pedro
  • Avatar for magik8
    nhl 2010 , hehe
  • Avatar for metalprincess6
    Great Song
  • Avatar for NegruVoda
    Excellent song. The solo is awesome.
  • Avatar for BeIieve
    I take back my previous statement, just took a while for me to get into
  • Avatar for alex_3essen
    god like
  • Avatar for loliarz
    guitar masturbation ^^
  • Avatar for BeIieve
    I am a huge dragonforce fan, I have all their songs memorized and basically cried when ZP left. But i just never got into this song. Fire still burns is the best song on Ultra Beatdown imo
  • Avatar for ISICKFACE
    @Iwrestledabeer, your opinion doesn't matter, considering your taste in music.
  • Avatar for DJBlaqk
    The one DragonForce song that doesn't make me want to end my life. [2]
  • Avatar for bloodgrave45
    Great song
  • Avatar for TMTMIndy
    Awesome song. If you have some really good headphones/sound system, listen to this in high quality. Its pretty amazing all the stuff that is going on in this song, both in the background and in the foreground.
  • Avatar for kah-nayt
    Very fucking epic.
  • Avatar for REAVES94
    epic, simply epic
  • Avatar for rockthelotus
    I really could care less about DragonForce, but this just one amazing song.
  • Avatar for chriskennard
    YAAAAA! \m/ \m/ Love them!
  • Avatar for TheGreene2010
    They are good in the studio but when it comes to them live they just plain out suck balls
  • Avatar for MrThumper420
    almost the whole song are solo's stupid i dont want a 2 min Dragonforce song i want a CD to be 3 days long damnit
  • Avatar for Supercockroach
    still need to have less guitar solos
  • Avatar for undertow13
    Can't get enough of the ending.
  • Avatar for SevnStoriesUndr
    Not their best, but still 11/10
  • Avatar for crescent_sho
    my fav!!!~ XD
  • Avatar for justin208
    I am no way even close to a power metal fan..but this song kicks ass
  • Avatar for voodooturkey
    Easily my favourite Dragonforce song, I love the end part so much!!! :D
  • Avatar for lordfrieza22
    we will live for always ever more!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for emmayeahh
    If I can ever play guitar like Herman Li, then I'll consider my life complete. <3
  • Avatar for sticks9875
    Love it, nuff said
  • Avatar for MusicOfChaos
    Silent tears we've left behind, still so far away, Across the endless sands, through the fields of our despair, Free for all eternity we stand, yeah! <3
  • Avatar for AardvarkAttackk
    Probably my favorite song from them. Beginning of the solo is awesome.


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