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  • Avatar for XDanica
    I love this.
  • Avatar for red0moon
    Great comments to my favorite band.
  • Avatar for TheArtofShred88
    A contender for the best Draconian song. So beautifully melancholic...
  • Avatar for Snutskallar
    Too. Fucking. Epic.
  • Avatar for MustBeDreaming1
    Damn, for a really really long time I've been mentally referring to this song as "Heaven Laid in EARTH", and I definitely liked this name more than the real one :D Amazing song, anyway.
  • Avatar for SpiritWolf16
    What I love so much about Draconian is how the death growls and angelic vocals are executed, so well balanced. And the emotion that resonates strongly in each song. Perfection.
  • Avatar for FolkBlackDoom
    this is so good
  • Avatar for Blacknuz
    This song will always have a special place in my heart as it is the song that got me into Draconian. And also, I have the first shout for it. :p
  • Avatar for RkChimaira
    Sick piano, pure emotion this song
  • Avatar for elektraxl
  • Avatar for rosslyng
    great! <3
  • Avatar for wishmaster132
    One of the best gothic metal songs ever!! Awesome!!!
  • Avatar for Foggster
    beautiful are thee
  • Avatar for Enigmatic_Soul
    Makes me feel proud of being a heathen.
  • Avatar for tartainia
    @Vauth.....Chill and enjoy..The only spelling that matters is D.R.A.C.O.N.I.A.N....enjoy!
  • Avatar for disturbedroks
    beautifully put toghether
  • Avatar for khayman
    No, this is correct, it`s how it appears on the back cover as well. Angel's Lament = Lament of an angel -- Angels' Lament = Lament of more than one angel. :P
  • Avatar for Fucio
    Awesome. Fucking epic!
  • Avatar for Phoelich
    beautiful song, I really like it all. The lyrics, the drums, the guitar, the vocals and the grunts are all great.
  • Avatar for GhostFreak6
    Stunning song..
  • Avatar for Lord_Marcello88
    we serve thee henceforth no more<3
  • Avatar for disturbedroks
  • Avatar for Drostanxxx
    Love everything this band does - brilliant vocals and sound and it's a great song too
  • Avatar for Metalhead59
    What a song...
  • Avatar for onthejuice
    vocals work very well together
  • Avatar for whitepony1
    Anders and Lisa... perfect pairing.
  • Avatar for darkangel2401
    to naprawde jest nie samowity kawalek
  • Avatar for Amaru_Cheetox
    Bloody incredible track, one of the best off the album - just beautiful, epic, powerful, emotional and crushing with it's passion and atmosphere.
  • Avatar for LadyMontresor
    Wow I just came across this band and I really like this song. It is absolutely amazing!!!
  • Avatar for xdiablosx
  • Avatar for xxnoomzaaxx
    I love this song,
  • Avatar for RatorFlame
    I love this song, it is so beautiful. especially the chorus
  • Avatar for magiadeluna
    lo que necesitaba... me encanta
  • Avatar for DameNathalett
    es mi amada banda!!!
  • Avatar for Sharp-Ton
    I Love This Band \,,/
  • Avatar for lonaego
  • Avatar for darkshadow3x
    great song
  • Avatar for madafakaclub
    Buen tema si señor!!!
  • Avatar for ithiriaepic
    one of my favorites great
  • Avatar for PorcelainHeart7
    one of my faves
  • Avatar for anes77
    yeah, it's brillant... my favourite
  • Avatar for fateswar19
    the intro is a dream,can't believe how beautiful it sounds!
  • Avatar for fateswar19
  • Avatar for fateswar19
    a lullaby for lucifer
  • Avatar for fateswar19
    paradise forever lost
  • Avatar for Alexis200
    ♥ Great ♥
  • Avatar for swom
    (Part 1) Behold The Skies, They're Full Of Lies... In Disguise behold The Skies, They're Full Of Lies... In Disguise o, Creator, So Long We Have Fallen To Our Knees so Long We Have Murdered Our Honor, While Protecting Thine behold The Skies, They're Full Of Lies... In Disguise behold The Skies, They're Full Of Lies... In Disguise And We, Warriors Moulded In The Blood Of His Vanity the Silent, Loyal Shepard Who Tends My Light Is Dead... In Me so Let The Night Take Thee In Her Arms and Dry These Tears Into Her Embrace it's The End Of Pretending And Defending... god's Holy Light el-Shaddai, We Serve Thee, Henceforth... No More
  • Avatar for swom
    (Part 2) show Me Heaven, Show Me Guilt... Embrace The Pain we Must Suffer To Realize, We Must Despair Again And Again no Longer Our Knees We Shall Bend, No Longer Fold Our Frozen Hands we Long For The Darkness, Our Flames Still Burn For Mother Night... behold Us Now, As We Cry, Soon To Die... To Rise Again behold The Skies, They're Full Of Lies... In Disguise behold The Skies, They're Full Of Lies... Hear Our Cries i Have Seen Us Bathing In Blood To Defend His Very Glory i Have Seen Us Kneel And Praise For Nothing... i Have Seen Him Dying In Our Eyes i Have Realized That God Owes Us His Life
  • Avatar for ladyredlove
    love it :) ♥
  • Avatar for nahzvolenska
    my favorite song from Draconian ;)


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