• Special release from Dr. Sounds

    19 Jun 2011, 21:14 by drsounds
    New Epoch

    Dr. Sounds announces an extra release apart from the recent release Sounds of Science and Soaring, New Epoch which are an parodi of his recent graduation of the secondary school June 15th, 2011. It are an album with an spacy, ambient theme with futuristic feeling and drone sound, but also calming spacy soundscapes.

    Here is an letter attached:
    Two days ago, June 15th I graduated from upper secondary school. It feels like the out ran from the scholar doors were an such an spiritual transition between two planes. Now I'm treated as an adult in the whole. Nobody decides what I'm supposed to learn. Now I have completely full control of what subjects I read, nobody can force me to read about an topic I'm not intrested in.

    This raises my spirit very much. I feel I'm in such transition, where I nowmore have got in touch with the real freedom. I've completed an 13 year phase of my life…