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  • Avatar for bluecliffy
    All the short songs are the best ones. :(
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
  • Avatar for mrbens
    Please suggest correction: Let's Get High (feat. Hittman, Kurupt & Ms. Roq)
  • Avatar for kissmylips22
    Tighten up on your Backstroke
  • Avatar for squiggins
    what a worthless version
  • Avatar for chrissmith27
    why tf is a classic censored
  • Avatar for DKDC22
  • Avatar for mcialini01
    why the FUCK are songs even censored on here, i don't understand.
  • Avatar for xEricaDawn
    how the f do you find an UNcensored version!! they should only have that on radios!
  • Avatar for kushZ420
    "All these niggas and all these hoes in here, somebody here goin' fuck" [2]
  • Avatar for Beatnik24
    "All these niggas and all these hoes in here, somebody here goin' fuck"
  • Avatar for eviloyster
    why even release a censored version, this is infuriating
  • Avatar for emsessed
    ahh this song makes me wanna get high
  • Avatar for jellian
    looking for the good stuff, why don't you tighten up on your backstroke
  • Avatar for uchuuray
    ahaha listening to this censored- i can only imagine.
  • Avatar for Reaperius
    UGK - Good Stuff
  • Avatar for leoyde
    what the fuck Not even worth listening too... censorship!
  • Avatar for squiggins
    Jesus Christ, this censorship is ridiculous
  • Avatar for softwarebrains
    this song isnt worth listening to if its edited.
  • Avatar for porta105
    What the **** is the point in having an edited version of this?!
  • Avatar for Sugar1999
    lets get high!!
  • Avatar for SkinDeepTattoo
    Can you turned OFF the edited versions?
  • Avatar for CardinalnNavy
    Yeah -- I just took some Ecstasy Ain't no tellin what the side effects could be All these fine **** equal sex to me
  • Avatar for Kershlaus91
    "(...) plus I got this fine ass bitch laying next to me "
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    okay there is no point in listening to the edited version of this...*skip* The explicit version is thee dopest though ;-)
  • Avatar for joie_de_vivree
    all these fine bitches equal sex to me.
  • Avatar for assline
    talkin at, walkin at, SPITTIN at hoes
  • Avatar for Dadi_J
    man what else is there to say about this track dogg . . . its dre got damn it sick wit it on them beats like no otha. . . .you know
  • Avatar for Radiumreaktion
    "is that dre over there?" yeeeeah i just took some exstacy, aint no tellin what the side effects could be
  • Avatar for far7east8boy
  • Avatar for samuelstrachanw
    this is some good stuff.
  • Avatar for panuki
    cmon let's get high
  • Avatar for QueenSusy
    N**ga what! I'm a hustling bitch........................
  • Avatar for WhyteEagle
    ...weed by the barrels in mah gee'd-up apparel.
  • Avatar for Beastlykingz
    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! frickin nice
  • Avatar for Top_Dogg87
    come on lets get high...
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    bitch jumped off my dick, "is that dre over there?"
  • Avatar for CygnusG
    All these niggaz and all these hoes in here Somebody here gon' fuck!
  • Avatar for tinkerbell95117
    Badddddddd!!!! AAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! DR DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's get high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for petrolatum
    XXX-rated ho
  • Avatar for connery32
    i just took some ectascy, ain't no telling what the side effects could be
  • Avatar for farmertrue
  • Avatar for GheP
    the epitome of chronic 2001
  • Avatar for FenwyckFarfel
    the bass line makes this song. long live fatback band!
  • Avatar for karmapolice41
    the first verse is the shit and dre's verse is great...after that not so much
  • Avatar for blackeye90
    Agree, this song suck!
  • Avatar for AndAkAwA
    why is this top10 of dre's stuff? this song isn't great...

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