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  • Avatar for Zmeyro
    Первые альбомы просто огонь, не могу перестать их слушать. На последних конечно конкретно сдулись, но в принципе слушать можно.
  • Avatar for Edward_Blake
    Просто шикарные пацаны!
  • Avatar for SirCrappington
    I think, after I gave them a little bit more attention, this is probably my favourite stoner band on this earth. God, they are amazing.
  • Avatar for sokbot
  • Avatar for the_rocknrollah
    Where's my dose of Dozer?! ) P.S. SWE stoner > US stoner 8)
  • Avatar for knight_88
    I love this band!
  • Avatar for Flamelord
  • Avatar for indieviduality
    guys, you totally have to check out Wired Mind - finest psychedelic stoner rock from germany:
  • Avatar for RomanyDagger
    How have I not listened to these guys until today? My life meant nothing until now.
  • Avatar for EssBen
    Thank science they're back!
  • Avatar for 0munkey0
    fellow fuzz fans check out
  • Avatar for BrainRapist666
    Dozer EP-Vultures (2013)
  • Avatar for Bambus_Duft
    I wonder why there is only 100000 listeners? This band is so awesome, pathetic, on its unique cool mood. Not for the birds at all!
  • Avatar for stanley281
    awesome/cool band
  • Avatar for zayaxa
    Selling my CD of Call It Conspiracy in the UK here.. Breaking my heart to do so, but need the cash!
  • Avatar for BrainRapist666
    Вступаем в группу Вконтакте:
  • Avatar for marxistmonkey
    I want to buy their new album, but for Spotify/iTunes/Amazon my money are no good, since I'm from Ukraine. Does anyone know any alternative way to get the album (preferably online)?
  • Avatar for karldanielliden
    ...and now it's up on iTunes/Spotify.
  • Avatar for karldanielliden
    Technically it's a new release, but the material is 8-9 years old. It's pre-production demos of songs that didn't end up on the "Through The Eyes Of Heathens" albums.
  • Avatar for sweilandstp
  • Avatar for Psyscho
    thanks, i had a hard time searching for the site
  • Avatar for cryptic-death
    this band is awesome
  • Avatar for Dozerrock
    Hi! The official Dozer facebook site is over here Cheers!
  • Avatar for Psyscho
    i was unable to find an suitig facebookpage for this band so i created one. does any more active fan want to be the admin of it? (i only found dj's, rappers and dogs if there IS an official site please let me know)
  • Avatar for ericnidh
    Best band ever! [2]
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    -born a legend- BADASS (๑・ω・๑)
  • Avatar for NeroAsTheLife
    Stonercore. perfect for my mind-tripping.
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    right on....
  • Avatar for PerraSuicida
    Sometimes, his voice sounds like Chris Cornell.
  • Avatar for zoogodis
    @tomplifier Yes :)
  • Avatar for tomplifier
  • Avatar for Gitarrenmeister
    Oh my dear....overrated. Always the killer argument.
  • Avatar for Folkertt
    Through The Eyes Of Heathens is overrated, Madre de Dios is ten time better (2)
  • Avatar for Foggster
    hell of a stoner band
  • Avatar for FuHead
    Through The Eyes Of Heathens is overrated, Madre de Dios is ten time better
  • Avatar for I_Heart_Stoner
    In the Tail of a Comet it's just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G,i don't get why it's so underrated....
  • Avatar for Zoltharius
    Hey everyone! If you’re into stoner rock/old hard rock than check out my band: Cheers from Poland!
  • Avatar for donkykong017
    fuck yeah
  • Avatar for shallwelisten
    just discovered, really good!
  • Avatar for slimmen
    Best band ever!
  • Avatar for microX4
    факинг кул!
  • Avatar for tomplifier
  • Avatar for x66girl
    loved <3
  • Avatar for Kaczterycztery
    Fuckin great! [2]
  • Avatar for faithlessss
    Fuckin great!
  • Avatar for mad_submarine
    Madre de Dios and Call it Conspiracy are THE SHIT
  • Avatar for cheeze5
    Call it Conspiracy...fucking great.
  • Avatar for Gamerbrett241
    Until Man Exists No more <3
  • Avatar for Treysweet
    I have gathered everything these guys have ever recorded. They come in right behind Kyuss for me.
  • Avatar for lordmackery


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