• Anniversary tracks

    12 Aug 2010, 14:15 by KeyserSoze147

    0001: (2008-10-12 15:59:10): The Devin Townsend Band - Let It Roll
    0026: (2008-10-12 18:23:38): Fish - Miles De Besos
    0147: (2008-10-13 19:58:32): Dream Theater - Voices
    1000: (2008-10-21 21:41:45): Head Control System - Kiss From A Rose
    2000: (2008-11-04 22:25:29): Akurat - Łyżeczka
    3000: (2008-11-17 23:38:25): Devin Townsend - The Fluke
    4000: (2008-12-03 12:01:39): Virgin Snatch - Slap in the Face
    5000: (2008-12-18 20:32:35): Fates Warning - Disconnected Part II
    6000: (2008-12-28 17:09:56): Esbjörn Svensson Trio - Evening in Atlantis
    7000: (2009-01-08 22:41:51): Down - On March the Saints
    8000: (2009-01-20 10:26:51): Joe Satriani - Big Bad Moon
    9000: (2009-01-30 13:58:57): Rollins Band - I Want So Much More
    10000: (2009-02-15 13:34:33): Andy Timmons - Carpe Diem
    11000: (2009-03-03 15:41:04): Division by Zero - True Peak
    12000: (2009-03-14 01:22:23): Testor - Morality Is Over
    13000: (2009-03-25 22:30:07): PJ Harvey - Hair
  • Metallica - Riga loves you!

    21 Jul 2008, 15:51 by schwamme

    Sun 20 Jul – Metallica, Down, The Sword

    20th of July, 2008 - Metallica gave their performance in Riga for the very first time. I guess I really began to love Metallica after my first concert on 13th of June, 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia. before that I, of course, knew them, had heard their songs but only after the concert they became one of my favorite bands. since then I was waiting to see them again. last year I already had bought a ticket to their concert in Helsinki, Finland but due to some financial problems I didn't go to the concert after all. finally, two years after my first Metallica concert, I had a chance to see them again - this time in my home town.
    at first, when I heard that Metallica would be coming to Riga, I couldn't believe it. and at last when I had digested the news, I heard the second wonderful thing - Down would be one of the two opening bands for Metallica in Riga's show. Down is one of my favorite bands as well. …
  • 2007 Retrospective: You Can't Stop The Progress...

    20 Dec 2007, 23:08 by m0rph3us

    So, here it is, the obligatory year-end recap. Honestly, 2007 has been the best fucking year musically I think I can recall, for gigs, albums, and pretty much everything sonic. Sure, I’m still at a loss to explain why indie music is becoming so ridiculously popular given that it has a) no soul, b) no balls, and c) way too many tryhard scenesters, and I don’t understand why everyone seems to care so much about Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse and what they are/aren’t doing this week. But in between all the rubbish (a large amount of it from Pitchfork), there were a whole lot of gems, people. And here are some of them.

    Top 5 musical discoveries of the year
    Comprising stuff I got into in a big way this year.
    Honourable mentions: Soul Coughing, Brand New Sin, Orange Goblin

    5. Bob Dylan – Of course I knew about the man before, but in 2007 I picked up Highway 61 Revisited and Bringing It All Back Home and loved both. For no apparent reason, Maggie’s Farm got me through the tedium of CFA study too.
  • Down III, at last

    26 Sep 2007, 21:40 by BeerMonster

    I was lucky enough to be able to get hold of a promo copy of this (through legal channels!) and whilst the MP3 quality wasn't great, the whole feel of the album to come was there....

    I feel that we're lucky that Down have only released 3 albums. I get annoyed by bands that churn out album after album that even though each one is good, it's just something that dilutes the previous efforts of the band(s) (SYL suffered from this).

    So in keeping us waiting some 12 years? for 3 albums it makes me savour each one and it's a great testament to each one that i can listen to them so often and still enjoy each one.

    Down III: Over the Under is quite simply a superb peice of work. I'm a lover of a lot of music (if you see my lists), and this album is already going to be high in my all time favs. Mourn and On March the Saints have great riffs and vocals, and Beneath the Tides shows off Phils great vocal style.

    This album is for me more of a return to NOLA but it's a lot heavier. …