• DOWN - World Tour, 2nd April, 08 @ LKA-Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany

    3 Apr 2008, 21:14 by ehre-wotans

    Wed 2 Apr – Down

    Stuttgart, Germany, 2nd April 08, 8:00 pm :
    A well-filled club in the capital of Baden-Württemberg,
    plenty of metalheads stand in front of the stage on which a 1-hour tour video-diary by Down is shown. Funny scenes on tour mixed with classic live-performances of metal/rock giants like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath entertain the crowd. At the end of the video the music clip of the song "On March The Saints" is played, heating up the audience and preparing it for DOWN. Couple of minutes past 9 pm Phil, Pepper, Kirk, Rex and Jimmy enter the stage and mark the beginning of one hell of a night! "A night to remember". The setlist mostly contained songs of the third album, second mostly songs from the first album (which i personally prefer) and the way Phil or the whole band interacted and animated the fans was just awesome and unique! "Ok, we're gonna play this song, but remember: If we fuck up this one, it's totally Jimmy's fault. …