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    I just laughed at all these comments on white power. Have you ever been drunk? Have you ever been Phil?
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    Have to lol at his cover story though: "Me shouting white power and doing a nazi salute, was actually just a reference to the white wine they were selling at the gig".....does the guy think we were all born yesterday?
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    Tagging these guys as "national socialist stoner metal" and "nssm" from now on
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    Everyone's mad at Anselmo, but this is actually a groundbreaking event. He has just invented National Socialist Stoner Metal. If anything's he's a pioneer. Now his name will be etched in the annals of time forever.
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    It's not the first time he's done it. Wish he'd yelled something else that garnered publicity, more people will give Down a listen now but only because he yelled white power lol. What did he think was going to come from repeatedly yelling white power? He says he isn't racist so why the heck yell white power? I like phil, he's a real dude but he's obviously a bit redneck still.
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    "Anselmo says - White Power!" He is dumber than i thought...
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    Best thing ever happened.
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    white power!
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    Respect Phil, fuck antifa
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    white power
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    Fuck this antifa, PC, libertard, SJW bullshit! Anselmo is still a legend! (2) Anselmo says - White Power! Love him...)
  • Avatar for HxClpmaskmanHxC
    Fuck this antifa, PC, libertard, SJW bullshit! Anselmo is still a legend!
  • Avatar for IntoTheOrchard
    There's no shoulder to cry on when you have no shame, there's no finger to point when you are to blame...
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    Pozdro z Wawy !
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    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Down
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    Zach216, very stupid opinion.
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    To me Down's music is roughly on par with Hellyeah... strange to me that this band seems to be so much more praised & widely accepted. Nola is ok... by no means great
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    Когда ты (Я), только родился, где-то в Новом Орлеане создавались такие шедевры. Thank you NOLA!
  • Avatar for icyguitar
    Let's bring the old back!
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    It's a tie between Nola and Over The Under for me. The new EPs have been just ok, good song here or there.
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    To anybody who loves Down I'd recommend [artist]The Obsessed[/artist]!
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    system of a down
  • Avatar for CosmicPi
    This is a cool band. I dig.
  • Avatar for deeee1991
    the are really slow and much Doom :D
  • Avatar for the_rocknrollah
    deeee1991, what do you think about Electric Wizard? Sleep?
  • Avatar for deeee1991
    @the_rocknrollah: Thx, i will try them. I know Orchid already, the are great. I just discovered Church of Misery, the are really good!
  • Avatar for the_rocknrollah
    deeee1991, Saint Vitus, Egypt, Orchid(SWE), Maligno.
  • Avatar for Gaffes
    When it comes to guitar riffs there's just one word: NOLA.
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    I´m looking for more Blues/Sabbath influenced slow Metal like this, but i don´t like the Screams like at Eyehategood...any suggestions? :D
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    i want to smoke this band [3]
  • Avatar for GhostFame
    i want to smoke this band [2]
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    thanks phiu
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    I never understood the hullabaloo over this band, they bore me. I like Christ Inversion and Superjoint Ritual more. If you're a fan of Down, enjoy 'em! I might actually give 'em another chance one day.
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    i want to smoke this band
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    Kings of stoner, period.
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    Learn,Learn,My Mistakes Learn
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    Sad old man aren't words I would use to describe Phil.. No doubt he has lost vocal strength and range but when I saw them 2 years ago he sounded so much better live then he did in studio.
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    Don't care what people say: best band ever. Yup, including the EPs.
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    Yea Phil has lost it. It really is sad to see one of your heroes become a sad old man with a blown out voice. Screaming that hard for so long will eventually ruin you, but all the smoking sped up that process. I'll never understand someone who makes a living singing could smoke. It's the dumbest thing you could ever do. I try to remember him jumping around going nuts and not just standing there on stage.


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