• Swimmer One and Down the Tiny Steps

    27 Nov 2005, 22:01 by nobbygoodguy

    Listened to Vic Galloway's show on BBC Radio Scotland from Monday on the Internet. Had to listen as my brother works with someone in a band called Down the Tiny Steps who were appearing live on it. I listened to their three songs and, after getting over the stupid-sounding lead singers voice, I really liked their stuff. Can't get any downloads for them yet. They have some songs streaming on their site from a gig at the moment and they're well worth checking out... http://www.downthetinysteps.co.uk/
    Also heard Swimmer One with their song Largs Hum. Can't help being over-enamoured by it. Their website (http://www.swimmerone.co.uk/) has a few good other tracks. A bit more electronic than I hoped for but nonetheless decent.