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  • This band never really grabbed me, but this one song always has. A very beautiful amalgamation of the better aspects of The Byrds and U2, which I never would have thought possible. If they had had just a *tad* more variety to their sound, they coulda been contenders... But this song is a very nice legacy.
  • Just found these guys and I love their music already :)
  • Easily their best song
  • What a great song, I've had it on repeat all night. =)
  • Oh man, that Byrds riff is just so nice. Right on.
  • One of the most fun shows I've ever been to in Portland, OR, Crystal Ballroom. These guys are so great!
  • Manchester, so much to answer for
  • #12 favorite song of all time
  • hermit likes ... hermit approved
  • wonderful
  • Anthem!
  • their best song
  • time, sorry..:-)
  • all tim fav.
  • This song, to end their live set at Leeds Academy, was epic. Just amazing. They came back on for the encore and did There Goes The Fear and even that didn't top this song live.
  • Sweet tunes.
  • YAY to the song, BOO to the radio edit.
  • Love this song so much. It takes you on a journey.
  • An underrated band...but perhaps rightfully so, so they won't sell out! Love this song!
  • Nice,,,, sitting @ the lake,,,chillen
  • Love this one!
  • definitely one of my all-time favorite songs!
  • Doves are so underrated. They need more airplay! I love all of their work. It's excellent.
  • One of my favorite song-writings of all time. The awesome lyrics accompanied with the genuine vocals and musicianship makes me shiver.
  • Makes me want to grab a cup of coffee or wine and sit out on the balcony & chill. Thanks
  • Such an amazing song, so meaningful and genuine. Doves are criminally underrated.
  • chillin track
  • Fantastic song, I love it
  • Love this song, but makes me feel so sad...
  • gona see them at the TT
  • Would you give it all away....?
  • i wouldnt really compare Doves and Elbow both great bands, who music i love equally :)
  • and yes they are better than elbow.
  • great song, great album but their debut album is far better.
  • Greta band. Great Album.
  • it reminds me of oc and summer..
  • Love
  • Everything they do is astonishing, a real gem of a band
  • Coldplay for me could never make such a deeply affecting and honest song as this
  • Musically very sound but a bit too slow and dreamy for my liking
  • Yeah they sounds like Cold play!
  • Love the song and the video. As far a comparisons I don't think Doves/Sub Sub can be so easily defined given their recording history. I just know they keep getting better and am grateful for all the music they have given us.
  • SOunds like Cold Play more than any of those other comparisons.
  • Sounds quite like Elbow. But still beautiful in its own special way :)
  • love this track Doves rule
  • I think closer to Elbow than Coldplay. Brilliant song regardless. Thanks Alex for making me stick with Doves!
  • Makes me cry
  • Really gorgeous song - love it!
  • Love this band, always enjoyable!


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