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Doug Ferguson was the bass guitarist of the band Camel from September 20th 1971 to January 1977. Before he played with Camel, Doug played in a jazz orientated trio called The Brew, along with Camel members Andrew Latimer and Andy Ward. Doug Ferguson was the one who suggested Andy Ward should join The Brew in 1969, they had previously played in a short-lived band together.

Doug was forced to leave Camel in early 1977 due to musical differences with Andy Ward. Doug wanted to keep Camel a progressive rock band, but Andy Ward wanted Camel to move in a jazzier direction. Doug was therefore replaced by Richard Sinclair.

Doug has been credited authorship on one Camel song; "Lady Fantasy", which is the only song in Camel's history where the whole band has been credited authorship. The song "Another Night" from the album "Moonmadness" is about Doug Ferguson.

In later years, Andrew Latimer has stated that Doug was probably the most important member of the group, given that he decided where Camel would play, he made sure everybody made it to rehearsals, and most importantly, he stopped arguments between Andrew Latimer and Peter Bardens.

Today, Doug Ferguson is a successful real estate agent.

Doug Ferguson has appeared on the following releases:

I Think I'll Write a Song (Philip Goodhand-Tait 1971, with The Brew)
On the Road 1972 (Camel, released in 1992, recorded in 1972)
Camel (Camel, 1973)
Mirage (Camel, 1974)
Music Inspired by The Snow Goose (Camel, 1975)
Moonmadness (Camel, 1976)
A Live Record (Camel, released in 1978, recorded between 1974 and 1977)

Curriculum Vitae (Camel documentary, released in 2003)
Footage 1 (Camel, released in 2005, recorded between 1973 and 2003)
Footage 2 (Camel, released in 2006, recorded between 1973 and 2003)
MoonDances (Camel, released in 2007, recorded in 1976 and 1977)

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