• A Guide to Doom-Metal Part V: Sludge Doom

    28 Jun 2008, 10:27 by 399796kms

    A Guide to Doom-Metal. Part V: Sludge Doom.

    We move on in my series of guides exploring the vast world of Doom arriving at Sludge Doom. Sludge Doom incorporates heavily from Sabbath and Southern Rock\Blues as well as hardcore. Sludge is probably the most unpleasant and challenging subgenre of Doom Metal out there, the screeching feedback, hardcore-ish vocals and unsettling fuzzy riffing make for an uncomfortable listening experience. In the end this is what makes it rewarding to listen to but doesn't get a lot of play in my experience. Onward we go.

    Acid Bath: Talk about disturbing, Acid Bath's music is quite disturbing and unsettling indeed. They incorporated a Southern Rock influence into their palette, giving them a slightly exotic vibe at times. Their songs would go from softness into raging fury within instants, often several times within the same song, creating an unsettling effect. And the harsh vocals only added to the matter. …