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  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    Sunshine Superman is dope
  • Avatar for DonPinguin
    Omahgod peepul, stop talking about Bob fuckin' Dylan. Donovan has like 2 songs that even resemble him anyway. [2]
  • Avatar for JonnyAG
    I only realised this music's existence! I luv it, no matter what
  • Avatar for Brugelida
    Yellow is the color of my true love's hair, in the morning, when we rise (L)
  • Avatar for hashbrown_jr
    season of the witch
  • Avatar for brunanogueirafs
    my eternal prince... ^^
  • Avatar for McCoyMcFlyer
    Donovan was Britain's response to Bob Dylan. So, he may have that Bob Dylan sound, but Donovan is Donovan..
  • Avatar for Jonas633
    Donovan is very very very good.. But I Like bob Dylan more than Donovan.. .But I love both <3
  • Avatar for riotDollGrrrl
    Catch the wind... <3
  • Avatar for PhoenixBloom
    Really great discography! Love his music!
  • Avatar for dozendeadoceans
    A Gift from a Flower to a Garden...
  • Avatar for cadavreflex
    Please Don't Bend <3
  • Avatar for CardboardFigure
    Tangerine <3
  • Avatar for NoahIsCool
    does he have anything else like the first disc of A Gift From a Flower to a Garden
  • Avatar for gui_x
    still nice
  • Avatar for jeffrey_chaucer
    Donovan is genius in his way! Sutras - absolutely magic album, but underrated.
  • Avatar for araujo7798
    Landon Donovan lol
  • Avatar for TheRnRDude
    Where has this guy been all my life? His early stuff is amazing!
  • Avatar for PunkZombieLaser
  • Avatar for barkbox
    Donovan is Donovan, Who Is Not Rodriguez, but Rodriguez is Rodriguez
  • Avatar for Ton87
    donovan is donovan, good point
  • Avatar for brunanogueirafs
    Bob Dylan, Donovan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Don McLean S2
  • Avatar for ZeppDoorsFloyd
  • Avatar for PattyPierce
    My top 3: Bob Dylan, Donovan, Tom Waits. <3
  • Avatar for PowerGeyser
    donovan is donovan and bob dylan is bob dylan, now shut up [2]
  • Avatar for fuckcarmic
    You know you love Donovan, but Who Is Rodriguez (.com) ?????
  • Avatar for RevolutionECW
    Season of the Witch - ниче так песня...
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Donovan is hit & miss...When he misses he's risible...when he hits he's the greatest Celtic bard in pop music.
  • Avatar for meganmonroe
    donovan is donovan and bob dylan is bob dylan, now shut up
  • Avatar for little-bluebird
    with the time it becomes even more l ♥♥♥ able
  • Avatar for AdrianLw
    miles better than Bob Dylan. [3] I know it's blasphemy
  • Avatar for kaylakaulitz
    miles better than Bob Dylan. [2]
  • Avatar for thetrogg
    universal soldier sounds like joan baez jamming with ray davies
  • Avatar for lailamb
    v Plus they had the same hairdos
  • Avatar for OrkoOnDoomsday
    He was way cool at the J&R performance/signing on Friday.
  • Avatar for artheta
    miles better than Bob Dylan.
  • Avatar for bubblegumonster
  • Avatar for little-bluebird
    Damn, he is just great! Was he undereatimated for his era or what? He is super cool but not so famous like Dylan i.e.?
  • Avatar for yvong_
    sometimes he sounds more like syd barrett than bob dylan. amazing.
  • Avatar for DrowsyDragon
    One of the greatest. Congrats for the induction in R&R Hall of Fame. Well deserved.
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Happy Birthday and congrats,Donovav!
  • Avatar for YanSans
    Parabéns MESTRE!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for meekums
    Happy Birthday Donovan!! ^_^
  • Avatar for bad18
    Happy Birthday Donovan!
  • Avatar for shelnora
    I can't get over how phenomenal Mellow Yellow (the album) is
  • Avatar for lionizz
    aw yep,this guy has really impressed me.)
  • Avatar for LSBumblebee
    Cosmic Wheels!
  • Avatar for deadybyebaby
    Congratulations on your induction!!!!!
  • Avatar for viciadoemarroz
    This is my version for the beautiful Happiness Runs!
  • Avatar for sumons90
    I'm thinking of what it would be like if she loved me You know just lately this happy song it came along And I like to somehow try and tell you


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