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  • Avatar for specialla
  • Avatar for faridmon
    Nothing is wrong with you, because Silver Moon is damn addictive record. Couldn't stop listening to it for weeks. The new album is kind of disappointing compared to that one.
  • Avatar for Mii85
    I don't know what has come to me but I really enjoy Silver Moon album.
  • Avatar for MrNorway
    New pics Donkeyboy 2014
  • Avatar for Damianek666XD
    why so gayyy XD
  • Avatar for Leinad-95
    Living how we wanna, oooh!
  • Avatar for muryloalves
    OMG Crazy Something Normal is so awesome! Make me feel good.
  • Avatar for Angerwave
    Хороши, черти, местами даже очень
  • Avatar for faridmon
    New pic is up:
  • Avatar for creamsicklesky
    i love their harmonies/singing.
  • Avatar for MrNorway
    Crazy Something Normal - The single out today!
  • Avatar for dannyboy77
    Any news on album number 3? Almost a year since 'Trigger Finger'.
  • Avatar for guigaguima1
    in love with their music
  • Avatar for dannyboy77
    The new song is great. Love them and can't wait for album number 3.
  • Avatar for Flipkieken
    Love the new single. Video and Single reviewed at this blog:
  • Avatar for rhorewyn
    Yessss Triggerfinger is awesome!
  • Avatar for outofspace
    <3 Triggerfinger
  • Avatar for rhorewyn
    underneath this cloud there's an ego <3
  • Avatar for drnrg31
    It's like evolutionaized 80's Disco. Much better than all that David Guetta crap.
  • Avatar for GekOniczek
    Hi, if U like it as same as me, txt me In my shoutbox propose some music ! hello from Poland 
  • Avatar for zuliatte
    Silver Moon !!!
  • Avatar for Avialy
    Such a fun, catchy band.
  • Avatar for kote604
    <3 Drive
  • Avatar for jonatj
    Love the new album!
  • Avatar for cdyaro
    Darkest Night <3
  • Avatar for roxn
    Why haven't I heard of them before? They're fabulous. [2]
  • Avatar for withU_withU
    I'm getting hate this pic.
  • Avatar for Akatian
    Why haven't I heard of them before? They're fabulous.
  • Avatar for felipemalfoy
    Viciado no cd novo deles!!!
  • Avatar for TigerClaws95
  • Avatar for thiiiagocosta
    Silver Moon is awesome, I'm really addicted.
  • Avatar for EricValeev
    Pull Of The Eye
  • Avatar for withU_withU
  • Avatar for faridmon
    The new album is amazing. can not stop listening to Drive and City boy.
  • Avatar for Sup_soldier
    oh goshh they rockkk
  • Avatar for firefaust1
    This band got a lot of potential(More than some of the bands...) Looking forward to hear more from them :D
  • Avatar for decoskins
    where are the new pics in the main?
  • Avatar for KylieistBoi
    What is Tooji doing in similar artists? lol
  • Avatar for david_elx
    Video for Pull Of The Eye pliiiis Silver Moon is great [2]
  • Avatar for drnrg31
    Silver Moon is great. Alot of great songs. Pull Of The Eye is dance pop done the right way. No overused special guest and thak you Donkeyboy for no out of place rapping. "Silver Moon" could be "Sometimes" part 2. All the David Guettas and Pitbulls out there. Take note: this is a real band making real dance pop.
  • Avatar for Avialy
    "Out of Control" sounds like a Michael Jackson song.
  • Avatar for withU_withU
    Darkest Night <3
  • Avatar for withU_withU Up pls
  • Avatar for czarna_keira
    I cant stop listening to them ^^
  • Avatar for Pace_of_ossify
    City Boy is kinda addictive o_o :D great. [4]
  • Avatar for xtinadude
    New album is great, really great actually!
  • Avatar for drnrg31
    I'm not digging that "City Boy" track. I can't understand that lyric and it sounds odd overall. I hope something along the lines of "Sometimes" is featured on the new albume.
  • Avatar for neaemo
    im so glad spotify found me these guys, their great :D
  • Avatar for aschne
    I'm enjoying the new album. It's different to the first one, but I still think it's got some nice standout tracks on it.
  • Avatar for decoskins
    I'm not very happy with their new work, but let's hope the songs grow in me eventually.


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