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This is the first lobe demolishing record composed and produced by Estradasphere core members Tim Smolens and Jason Schimmel (while still in high school) with significant assistance from Doug Smolens (El Douje), Father Agar Agar, and Officer Pancake. At this point Don Salsa has become a bona fide historical enigma. Out of print for many years now, Don Salsa's sole proclamation, "Koolaide Moustache in Jonestown," and it is now available from Lobefood.com.

Koolaide Moustache in Jonestown boasts an indescribable collision of brutal tritone metal riffs, extra terrestrial musical forms, aesthetically acceptable odd time signatures (free of the stench of 70's mullet prog), Italian/Russian/Chinese musical tri-fusions including Chinese Death Metal, inscrutably dense and dynamic noise walls, inappropriately timed 80's glam metal ballads, psychedelic Rod Stewart medleys, and misanthropic/animal-centric manifestos. With the first song clocking in at around 30 minutes, changing styles every 30 seconds and never repeating, the listener is in for a wild ride (if they can handle it). These songs are overdubbed with hundreds of tracks crammed together by constantly bouncing the tracks on 2 ADAT 8 tracks digital recorders. This could be the most monumental (pre-DAW) home recording of all time.

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