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  • Avatar for darkgnome
    Ahh finally got Support de Microphones CD back and don't have to listen to a shitty 128kb/s rip :D
  • Avatar for NixterT
    Love everything they put out.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    Private Intentions <3
  • Avatar for InSorrowWeTrust
    The new album is ok, but Support De Microphones and Breaking Daylight are still the best. The Light is bretty gud song.
  • Avatar for erosbathory
    living the life!
  • Avatar for FirenWithLime
    Fiesta is like a party in my ears <_<;
  • Avatar for BlackEuro
    Private Intentions (Y)
  • Avatar for erosbathory
    Fiesta 28/9/12! ;)
  • Avatar for Bibulya
    funny and soooo nice))) i'm lovin' it
  • Avatar for Gunners_Forever
    I love these Guyz and talking with Them :)
  • Avatar for erosbathory
    I wish i'd known about them sooner. I have been DJBB deprived for far too long.
  • Avatar for Baster_Jazzster
    Very Nice!)
  • Avatar for Emiko-
    LOL LOL LOL, tommy lindgren was at our school yesterday :DDD and he rapped :DD
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    The first album is brilliant and then it's downhill from there... Salt Water is nice though :)
  • Avatar for berban
    I think it's pretty much impossible not to like these guys' sound.
  • Avatar for kusechka
    Ihana ! Kitos Palju :) guys, for your music !
  • Avatar for El_Ucca
    Ruuuunning man
  • Avatar for InSorrowWeTrust
    Only hiphop band I like... I listened to this when I was 10 years old... Breaking Daylight was new and weird in those days.
  • Avatar for Vodka46
    ok guys, all good jokes have a end, come back in France now
  • Avatar for end_y
    last album is too pop
  • Avatar for skitranpi
    i just want them to come baaaack to japan. :(
  • Avatar for pmelender
  • Avatar for mx1000
    iha jees lätty tää uus
  • Avatar for rok93
  • Avatar for Catsys
    Best of the Best :)
  • Avatar for denstim
    This is awesome! I like it :)
  • Avatar for El-Ejecutor
    sama ongelma on oikeestaan kaikissa tunnetuimmissa kotimaisissa bändeissä. se ottaa finnish-tagille turhan suurta painoarvoa.
  • Avatar for Epides
    noi Similar Artistit on vähän outoja. Leevi and the Leavings, tik tak, Don huonot, Irina, Egotrippi jne.
  • Avatar for end_y
  • Avatar for M2tias
    Similar artists are generated from the band's listeners' statistics. Since DJBB is Finnish band and not so well known abroad, Finnish artists get lots of points for "similarity". There's some hip-hop so it's not that bad.
  • Avatar for DeeJay-Izzy
    damn it's been way too long time since last time i saw their gig. i gotta spend this summer running through all the festivals where they're goin'
  • Avatar for laaama there you go!
  • Avatar for cinams
    I'm looking for 'Road'. if somebody can help me please, write on my profile. ;*
  • Avatar for -lepa-
    Just wondering why they aren't very well known outside Finland..
  • Avatar for thranyona
    similar artist's is always wrong.
  • Avatar for Josssu
    similar artist's aren't right
  • Avatar for n-oora
    wooooooo, these guys were really entertaining live
  • Avatar for Human16
    Nightman is fucking great.
  • Avatar for MacApple
    Island Girl is relaxing song, always when i hear it, im falling asleep. :P
  • Avatar for bluespiral
    Am very impressed with these guys. The radio-friendly hiphop stuff, eh, but when they mix the jazz and electronic, wow. My iTunes just shuffled Behind 16 Bars against Andre 3000's Vibrate - excellent.
  • Avatar for pinque
    milano and subway stars wins
  • Avatar for the_fradlin
    After listening the new album for the last few weeks, i'm really starting to like it. Yay! But Support da Microphones still rocks ass! Milano, that's all i need to say.
  • Avatar for apfelpapfel
    My island girl <3
  • Avatar for Phoenix_
    Why in the hell is DJBB tagged as pink floyd? :D Nevertheless, great band.
  • Avatar for saragee
    The new album is great!
  • Avatar for Miltec
    Really love the new album, especially the 'Private Intentions' song, really groovy.
  • Avatar for jaakko100500
    ... is a horrible tarck
  • Avatar for mudfish
    cocoa cacao cocoa cacao cocoa cacao.
  • Avatar for toranomichi
    Road -single is out today

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