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Don Henley

The Heart Of The Matter (5:22)


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  • This man can really write a song.
  • Forgivness
  • I don't get any audio on this track.
  • Great musician and song!
  • The heart of the town
  • Stop those toxic relationships. No one benefits.
  • I got the call today..:( soo beautiful...
  • That being said, and I wholeheartedly agree, -- there is no reason to allow toxic people to roam freely within your heart or mind and to continue to cause pain. Forgiveness is a process that liberates the offended person from the pain. Sometimes you must separate yourself from the offender and move on. Learn and live free to open your heart to those who deserve your trust and their presence in your life. https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR9fOFMAv4t9iKgZjLn4axc2S61rqoKaee2kDtEex3jWtXItq_w
  • Don is one cool cat in my book......
  • Spank! I love this tune! I have forgiven! I must move on! :-)
  • Sad....I thought I was over her.
  • The flesh will get weak and the ashes will scatter.....
  • It fits...has for a long time.
  • :)
  • Trying to be positive...slightly more tolerable than Steve Winwood. This song bums me out, but he's got a point.
  • Spank! Nice and everything! Great tune and talent! WHOOOOOO!
  • Nice song..........thanks MFAF x
  • The more I know, the less I understand !
  • Down to the heart of the mater I think its about forgiveness! It is about forgiveness!! Do yourself a favor and forgive!! Don't carry around hard feelings toward others or grudges you only hurt yourself.
  • One of the most unique and distinctive voices in Rockdom... love ya, Don...
  • true
  • Why haven't I scrobbled this more? One of the best.
  • True song
  • i'm trying to get back..to the.... front......i used to be a front runner...now i'm just a bystandered byding my time haha ....did i mention i'm a baystard too haha
  • Spooky, this followed Glenn Frey. It's an Eagles conspiracy I tell yer. Great track, not heard in years.
  • who's crying? not me
  • Haven't heard this in years and forgot how great this song is.
  • forgiveness ツ
  • Ne ploru kiam la pluvo venas!
  • Don holds a special place in my heart for all the love I have lost.
  • I'm American I Speak American English
  • I got the call today that i do not want to hear.................
  • Un QI de 180! Comme un enfant, un auteur de livre! Il ya 30 ans Doron Blake est né. Le "Super Baby" a été le plus grand succès de Robert Graham, un millionnaire avec une vision erronée: construire une banque de sperme génie - et cajolé sur chambres d'hôtel Nobel.
  • This is the best divorce song ever.[2] after ABBA - The Winner Takes It All.
  • This is the best divorce song ever.
  • just love this song.
  • Even if
  • This is the greatest song ever written about coming to terms with a failed relationship. The lyrics and melody are so powerful that they can still move me to tears more than two decades later.
  • he´s a genius
  • nice tune.....nice song, thanks Krissi
  • We all need a little tenderness!
  • I love it .
  • Don Henley is the heart of the Eagles - and that matters.
  • Wunderschön ,passt gerade jetzt , Zeit zum schlafen
  • A PLEASURE !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mr. Henley is always so cool for the soul !!


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