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Dominique is (1) a NYC based electro pop singer-songwriter (2) a Berlin based music formation, (3) a Hindi singer, (4) a US-American musician/actor, (5) a Belgian/Italian singer, (6) a Lebanese singer, (7) a Martinican/French singer, (8) as well as a Taiwanese singer, (9) a Australian singer, (10) a Romanian singer

There are some tracks associated with 'Dominique' that should be filed under 'Dominique A', a French singer and songwriter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominique_A).

(1) Dominique is a 21 year old singer-songwriter currently studying at NYU. Her debut single 'It's Only You' co-produced with ZeniF charted in the Hype Machines Top 50 popular tracks and to date has over 14K+ streams on Soundcloud proving she's an artist to watch.

(2) The Berlin based band Dominique (http://www.dominiquetheband.com) started informally around 1999 with producer, singer and bassist Richard Davis, conceptual artist and guitarist Dave Allen and vocalist and keyboarder Dominic Eichler getting together in a Kreuzberg lounge-room with borrowed instruments and a four-track cassette recorder. The idea was to make a record for the not yet existent indie record label of author Ingo Niermann. Ingo had bought a record at a flea market - the single ‘Money I want More’ and found lots of bank notes inside it. He thought it was a good idea to reinvest that money into music and asked Dominic if he’d like to make a record. Artist Antje Majewski undusted off her cello, Ben Clark taped his drum-kit ‘Cactus’ together and Ninon Liotet stepped up to the mike for the first time. Many others guests also came to the project including a naked Krylon Superstar. Their efforts eventually resulted in the cultish and celebrated debut album ‘Speak to Me’ (2002). The record was first released on a limited edition CD by Berlin indie-labels Touch Me and Tête-à-Tête. A couple of years later Dominique got a small stipendium to make their more or less live, indie, guitar pop orientated album ‘The Same You’ (2004) which was released by SueMi and Tête-à-Tête. Meanwhile cellist Anna Stark and artist and guitarist Michael Lapuks joined the band. In 2005 Dial re-released the debut album on vinyl to great acclaim. Around then guitarist Simon Olivier joined the band. Dominique's third album ‘More Love Now’ was released on Dial/Kompakt/Rough Trade in January 2008.

Dominique is a band that makes ‘minimal pop in the best sense’ (Hartmann/Spex), their words and music emerge from encounters with things like quiet males who finds it hard to express feelings (Speak to Me), admiration of a generous elderly and slightly hung over grande dame (Sun Goddess), being touched as you like to be (Massage), and a magazine absorbed stranger in a train (Cruising Queen).

Speak to me (2002), their nine track debut was released on CD by tête-à-tête and Touchme Music. A remastered re-release on vinyl was published on the Dial label in 2005.
The same you (2005) was released as a CD on tête-à-tête.
More love now (2008) released on CD and LP by Dial.

Dominique are: Ben Clark, Paul Davis (aka Richard Davis), Dominic Eichler, Thomas Goldhahn, Michael Lapuks, Ninon Liotet, Anna Stark, Oliver Schlüter + Guests

(3) Dominique, or Dominique Cerejo is a Hindi singer.

(4) Dominique, or Dominique Davalos is a US-American musician/actor. She is part of the band called Drag (http://www.myspace.com/draglosangeles)

(5) Dominique, or Dominique Fidanza is a Belgian born Italian based singer (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominique_Fidanza).

(6) Dominique, or Dominique Hourani is a Lebanese singer. (www.dominiquehourani.com).

(7) Dominique, or Dominique Michalon, or Miss Dominique is a Martinican born, French based singer.

(8) Dominique is a Taiwanese singer (www.alfamusic.com.tw/Dominique).

(9) Dominique is an Australian singer, based in Melbourne. She released (in September 2012) her debut album, a 4 tracks EP called "Dominique" (http://decibelsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dominique-2)

(10) A Romanian singer

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